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Sumeyra Ekin

Sumeyra was a high school student at LISA Academy – West (Little Rock, AR) while she conducted her science project at Dr. Karabacak’s group. She is now attending Brandeis University, MA.

Project Title while at Dr. Karabacak’s Group: Solar Energy Storage with Flywheel (Co-Mentored by Dr. Hilal Cansizoglu  and Dr. Mehmet F. Cansizoglu)

The purpose of this project is to find a method to use solar energy not just at days but also at nights through the usage of flywheels. Solar cells need solar energy which is an alternative and clean energy. The flywheel is also a safe mechanism that doesn’t include any harmful chemicals like batteries. Thence the main intention is to make a safe renewable energy in a more efficient and usable way. For this purpose a flywheel, mostly made of steel, was used. First it was connected to the solar cell. Energy was stored in the flywheel and then released after disconnecting the flywheel from the solar cell. A measurement was taken during this time through using a multimeter and a photo detector. The same process was done by using the power supply instead of the solar cell in order to see the average functionality of the flywheel. After analyzing the data and the graphs created through the multimeter and the photo detector, it became clear that the flywheel was greatly functional for storing energy.


Central Arkansas Regional Science and Engineering Fair

-          Honorable Mention

-          Special award – Best Energy Related Project (2nd place)

2012 Southwestern Energy Arkansas Science and Engineering Fair

-          1st place

-          Special Award- Best Energy Related Project

ISWEEEP (International Sustainable World Energy Engineering Environment Project Olympiad)

-          Honorable Mention