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This page is an index file of interactive quizzes which should help you prepare for part of the lab quiz which occurs during the start of your lab period. Note, the actual quiz covers theoretical concepts, mathematical skills and procedural material relating to the laboratory you are about to perform. The objective is to be sure you come to lab prepared. The quizzes on this site will cover the mathematical competencies associated with the theoretical concepts behind the experiment.

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If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact your instructor or Dr. Belford rebelford@ualr.edu.

Laboratory Prep Quizzes

Printer Friendly Version Interactive Version
Print 2A1: Experiment 2A: Solution Concentrations
Print 2B1: Experiment 2B: Solubility Curves
Not Available: Experiment 4: Introduction to Spectroscopy
Print 5a1 5a1: Kinetics and Rate Data
Print 5b1 5b1:Zero Order Reactions
Print 5b2 5b2: First Order Reactions
Print 5b3 5b3: Second Order Reactions
Print 6a1: TBA 6a1" Equilibrium constant calculations
Print 7a1: 7a1: Stoichiometric Acid Base Titrations
Print 8a1: 8a1: Potentiometric Titrations
Print 8b1: 8b1: More Potentiometric Titrations and Gram Equivalent Weight (Molar Mass) Calculations
TBA 9: Calculating Free Energy and Entropy (says 6b)