Margaret E. Scranton

Department of Political Science, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

2801 South University Avenue, Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

(501) 569-8787

Academic Vita

POLS 4345/5345 Clinton Presidency, Spring 2003

Course Application (html file) or pdf file

Application Information Sheet (word file) or pdf file: with information about the course, deadlines, and policies

Draft Syllabus (October 10, 2002, alternative writing assignments are under development and reading list is being expanded)

Weekly topics and Assignments for POLS 4345, undergraduate-level course.

Weekly topics and Assignments for POLS 5345, graduate-level course.

Registration requires consent of the instructor. Students who apply will be notified December 1 as to whether they are on the registration list or the waiting list. The application deadline is November 9, 2002.

The face-to-face section will meet on Thursday nights, 6:00-8:40pm at the UA System Office, 2404 North University Avenue, Little Rock

Peggy Scranton (under the white baseball cap) greets former President Clinton at the Daisy Bates House, Little Rock, Arkansas, 2002 Clinton greets visitors