Appendix C

Glossary of Schools and Desegregation Litigation Participants

LRSD Schools

There are 50 schools in the Little Rock School District (LRSD). Under the desegregation plan, some schools, such as Central High and Romine Elementary, fall within multiple classifications. The accompanying table lists all the elementary, junior high, and senior high schools within the appropriate categories.

Area Schools - regular schools which offer the standard district curriculum. Generally there are no special themes. Students attend based on assignment zones.

Incentive Schools - created as part of the desegregation plan to promote and ensure academic excellence in schools that have been difficult to desegregate. These schools receive extra funding and have extra programming, themes, smaller classes, extended day programs, homework centers, and other site specific interventions.

Magnet Schools - schools which have specific themes, and their purpose is to attract white patrons. Each has curriculum specialists who work within that school's particular theme. Twenty five percent of the seats are reserved for neighborhood students, while other students may apply to attend. Assignment is based on a lottery.

Interdistrict Schools - these schools allow majority to minority transfers among the Little Rock School District, North Little Rock School District and Pulaski County Special Schools District. For example, African-American students from the majority black LRSD may attend the minority black NLRSD and PCSCD, while white students from NLRSD and PCSCD may attend the LRSD.

Little Rock School District

Schools by Category

Area Schools


Forest Park
Pulaski Heights
Bale (4)
Baseline (4)
Geyer Springs (4)
Brady (4)
Watson (4)
Chicot (4)
Mabelvale (4)
Western Hills
Cloverdale (4)
Wilson (4)
David O. Dodd
Woodruff (4)
Fair Park
Otter Creek

Junior High

Senior High

J.A. Fair

Forest Heights

Central (also a Magnet)

Pulaski Heights


(4) - offers LRSD Four-Year-Old Program

Incentive Schools

Franklin Elementary (4)
Mitchell Elementary (4)
Rockefeller Elementary (4)
Garland Elementary (4)
Rightsell Elementary (4)

Magnet Schools


Booker Arts Elementary

Carver Elementary

Basic Skills, Math-Science
Gibbs Elementary

Foreign Language, International Studies
Martin Luther King Elementary* (4)

Rockefeller (4)

Early Childhood
Romine Elementary* (4)

Science and Basic Skills
Washington Elementary* (4)

Basic Skills, Math-Science
Williams Elementary

Basic Skills
Forest Heights Junior High

International Studies, Gifted and Talented
Henderson Junior High

Health Science
Horace Mann Junior High

Arts and Science
Central Senior High

International Studies
McClellan Senior High

Parkview Senior High

Arts and Science

* - also an interdistrict school

Participants in the Desegregation Litigation

* The Little Rock School District

* The Pulaski County Special School District

* The North Little Rock School District

* The Joshua Intervenors - representing the original filers of the case/the African-American plaintiffs

* The Knight Intervenors - representing all teachers in the case

* The Office of Desegregation Monitoring (ODM), court-established office responsible for monitoring compliance by the three school districts with the terms of the settlement agreement

* The State of Arkansas, as represented by the State Department of Education, was formerly a party to the case but has been dismissed from that role by the Court. The Department of Education continues to have a monitoring role and a fiscal interest in the three districts

* The U. S. District Court, Little Rock

* The U. S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, St. Louis

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