Minutes of meeting on September 5,2001
Members Present: Al-Shukri, Bevernitz, Edison, Edwards, Fletcher, James-Barnes, Leslie, Lindsay, McAlpine, Minsker, Nahrwold, Plopper, Recken, Sikes, Sims, Spillers, Strom, Wayne

Members Absent: Rep from CBA; Darsey, CSAM

Ex-Officio: Hanson, Sheen, Smith, Grad Sch

Others Present: Pete Tschumi, Pres of Assembly; Will Mitchell, CISSE

Dean Hanson opened with introduction of Pete Tschumi, President of Assembly.  Then everyone introduced themselve.

Pete Tschumi  called for election of chair:  Dave McAlpine was elected by acclamation.
Since McAlpine was not in attendance, Tschumi called for election of vice-chair:  Stephen Recken was elected by acclamation.

The meeting was turned over to vice chair Recken who asked for members to volunteer to serve on one of three committees:

Curriculum Committee: Edison, James-Barnes, Lindsay, McAlpine, Sikes (chair), Sims and Spillers.

Personnel Committee: Al-Shukri, Bevernitz, Edwards, Leslie, Minsker,  and Wayne (chair)

Program Review Committee: Fletcher, Nahrwold, Plopper, Ricken (chair), and Strom.

Curriculum Committee voted to meet at 1 p.m. on meeting days.  Personnel Committee voted to meet at 2:30 on meeting days.

Next meeting will be 9/19/01 unless notified otherwise.

Meeting was adjourned.