UALR owns district licenses for Freedom Scientific's JAWS, MAGic and OpenBook, which may be installed in departmental labs and UA system campuses, either remotely or on site.

The best policy is 'don't wait to accommodate'. In other words, design cirricula with the idea that there will be or already are students who need accommodation in classes. This is especially true of online courses, i.e. unless a student has disclosed their disabilities, teachers will typically be unaware students need accommodation. For additional information on UALR's Web Policy, please navigate to:
Ideally the actual accommodation process follows these steps: students meet with DRC staff and agree to suitable accommodations; DRC staff supply letters of accommodation which the student distributes to their teachers; DRC staff or the student contacts the Coordinator of Adaptive Technologies who installs the appropriate software. The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is located in the Donaghey Student Center (DSC) in Room 103 on the lower level of the DSC. Their main number is 501-569-3143 and their web page is:

Please Note: System requirements and demos are within the listed pages. If you are in the process of setting up a departmental lab and must fulfill ADA compliance requirements or have requests for other adaptive software, please contact the Coordinator of Adaptive Technologies, Frances Middleton: Phone: 501-916-5075 or E-Mail:

This list represents software that is installed on ACCESSIBLE COMPUTERS and the location.

It is the mission of the STS ADA lab to provide the UALR community with educational tools in an environment conducive to study and learning. We work closely with the DRC staff and teachers to provide reasonable accommodations in line with University policies.

The ADA lab was established in its current location with several ideas in mind:
    Accommodate the greatest areas of need
    Comply with Federal standards
    Offer the most current adaptive technology in line with departmental and University policies
    Provide real-time assistance for the interfaces between adaptive technology and UALR systems
    Provide a centrally located and an inclusive environment
    Raise awareness
    Show what is equitable education
    Alert appropraite persons when there is a system barrier
The UALR community is always welcome to experience or test the adaptive technology in the ADA lab. Please feel free to contact the Coordinator for Adaptive Technologies, Frances Middleton at 501-916-5075 or email: for demonstations or assistance in determining appropriate accommodations.

AVAILABLE IN THE ADA LAB - Software, Hardware and Location
All technology is on adjustable tables and the CCTV's are placed so it is possible to share/move between stations.
Beginning at the entrance door of LIB104A and moving clockwise from the door:

(This area under construction)
    Computer #1: iMac 27"; OS10.8; Apple Suite (Keynote, Numbers and Pages); Safari;
    Computer #2: HP Thin-client, W7 embedded; MS Suite;
    Computer #3: iMac 21"; OS10.8;
    Computer #4: Gateway E-Series, WXP; Dragon Naturally Speaking; JAWS; Kurzweil 3000 Scan/Read; MS Suite; Browsers: Chrome, IE and Safari
    Computer #5: iMac 27"; OS10.8; Apple Suite; MacSpeech Dictate;

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