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Publishing Your Web site

The following exercise will help you with moving files from your computer to the web server. When you have completed this exercise you will have a live web site! This tutorial assumes you have properly defined your site in Dreamweaver. If you have not done so yet, please refer to Defining your site in Dreamweaver

Cloaking Files

Sometimes there are files or folders that you do not want to upload to the server. In our case, we do not want to put all of the resources for our site on the server. Dreamweaver allows us to hide or cloak files so they won't be published. To cloak a file:

  1. Open Dreamweaver
  2. In the Files panel, make sure that your are working on your defined site
  3. In the Files Panel, press the remote/local view button in the top right corner You should now see a spit view with your web site files in the right panel

Files Panel

  1. In the right panel, browse to the resources folder located inside your assets folder.
  2. Right click on the resources folder and select Cloak from the menu.
  3. The resources folder should now have red line through it. It will not uploaded to the web server.


Uploading Files

  1. With remote/local view turned on press the connect button (It looks like a plug) in the top menu

Files Panel

  1. You should now see the files on the web server (remote) on the left and the files on your computer on the right (local)
  2. Select the top folder in the local window (right)
  3. Press the blue arrow to "put" the site on the web server. When you press this button you will receive a message asking "Are you sure you wish to put the whole site?" press Ok
  4. When the files have completed uploading you should see a mirror image of your files in the remote window (left)
  5. Browse to
  6. You should see your web site.

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