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Applying Filters to Objects and Text

  1. In the "fwtext.png" document you created in the previous exercise, draw a few shapes on the canvas in addition to the text that is already there.


  1. Select the text in your document by selecting the Pointer Tool (black arrow at the top left) from the Tools Panel and clicking on the text. The text should now have a blue outline around it.
  2. Inside the Property Inspector press the + next to the filters option.

Filters Pallette

  1. Select Bevel and Emboss > Inner Bevel
  2. Repeat these steps for each object on the canvas applying different filters to each. Make sure you play with the options for each filter to see how they affect the presentation of the object.

Fireworks Example

  1. Save and close the document and then precede to the next module: Applying a Style to Text


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