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To view lecture notes for a given lesson follow the links below. Lecture notes will be added the day of each lecture. Reading assignments will be listed for each section. Please do the assigned readings before class and be prepared to discuss in class. To view lectures from last semester visit this page.

Getting Started - 1.13.2009

Additional Information:
What is Dreamweaver

Workspace Overview

How to Organize your files - 1.15.2009

Semantic XHTML (Quiz Material)
Video Tutorial - Defining a site
Additional Reading: Discussion on Mark-up

The Building Blocks: Structure - 1.20.2009

Additional Reading: Web Standards Overview

The Building Blocks: Structure/Design - 1.22.2009

Reading Assignment: CSS Specificity & Class vs. ID
Homework Style all major elements in your current index.html file. You will show this to class on Tuesday.

The Building Blocks: Structure/Design - 1.29.2009

Additional Reading: CSS Overview

The Building Blocks: Structure/Design - 2.3.2009

Reading Assignment: Fireworks Overview

The Building Blocks: Design - 2.5.2009

The Building Blocks: Design - 2.10. 2009

Homework (Due 2.12.09): Create Banner image for your website in Fireworks. Image should be 700px Wide and between 80px and 200px tall. < 40kb in size. Emailed to before class.

The Building Blocks: Design - 2.17. 2009

The Building Blocks: Design - 2.19. 2009

Bringing It All Together - 2.24. 2009

Bringing It All Together - 2.26. 2009

Web Design Recap - 3.3.2009

Web Design Special Topics- 3.5.2009

Web Design Special Topics- 3.10.2009

Web Design Special Topics- 3.31.2009

Web Design Special Topics- 4.9.2009

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