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To view lecture notes for a given lesson follow the links below. Lecture notes will be added the day of each lecture. Reading assignments will be listed for each section. Please do the assigned readings before class and be prepared to discuss in class.

Using the Web Like a Pro - Part 1 - 8.20.2009

Getting Started - 8.31.2009

Homework (Due 9.14.09): Write your first blog post reflecting on the first day in the program and your personal expectations for the class. Make sure you catorgorize and/or tag the post. If you are feeling adventurous try adding a photo to the post as well. There is no length requirement for this assignment.

Wordpress Blog Configuration

Homework (Due 9.21.09): Write and publish content for the about page. Include a photo (Does not have to be of you).

Fireworks and Blogs - 7.21.2009

Homework: Create an image in Fireworks using the tools we covered in class this evening. Post the photo to your blog before class next Monday.

PowerPoint and Internet Technology - 9.28.2009

Homework (Due 10.4.09): Email a recent digital photo of you. You should make your name the name of the file and if at all possible it should be of good enough quality that we can see your face. Send these to me by next Sunday at Midnight.

PowerPoint - 10.5.2009

PowerPoint - 10.12.2009

PowerPoint - 10.19.2009

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Using the Web Like a Pro - Part 2 - 10.26.2009

Homework: Write a blog post about your favorite web-based service that you learned about in class or otherwise. This should be a thorough review detailing what you like/dislike, areas for improvement, and a comparison to any similar products or services.

Introduction: Our Window to the Web: Web Browsers & Understanding Web Related Terminology - 11.3.2009

Assignment: Download and Install Firefox on your computer. Add the Web Developer and Firebug extensions

Assignment: Evaluate your favorite web site based on our discussion of Structure, Content, Design, and Behavior. This is a short written assignment that should be posted to your blog by 11-9-09. Make sure you discuss the following elements: Site URL, An assessment of the Structure, Content, Design, and Behavior of the site, Things you like about the site, Things you would change.

Structure: Introduction to (X)HTML - 11.9.2009

Assignment Reading: Semantic XHTML (Quiz Material)

Structure: Introduction to (X)HTML - 11.16.2009

Structure: Introduction to (X)HTML - 11.23.2009

Assignment: Create and Validate a prototype HTML document that includes examples of all HTML elements covered thus far. For a list of requirements view this page.

Emailed to on 12.7.09

Reading Assignment: Generic Containers the div & span element

Structure: Introduction to (X)HTML - 11.30.2009

Site Management - 1.11.2010

Reading Assignment: The history of the Internet and the web, and the evolution of web standards - Write blog post explaining the impact of the browser wars on modern web development and how why web standards are important.
Video Tutorial - Defining a site

The Building Blocks: Structure/Design - 1.25.2010

Assignment: Read Generic Containers the div & span element and CSS Basics. It is imperative that you read this material before class next week.

The Building Blocks: Structure/Design - 2.1.2010

Reading Assignment: CSS Specificity & Class vs. ID
Homework Style all major elements in your current index.html file. Upload to the web server and send the link before class to

The Building Blocks: Structure/Design - 2.15.2010

Assignment: Fill out the site questionnaire and storyboard your web site. Email me the completed questionnaire by 2.22.2010

Select a color scheme for your site. Be sure to write down the hexadecimal color code for your color scheme and bring to class with you next week.

Out of Class Learning Activity

Assignment: Email me the icon you create as homework. Due 3.1.10

The Building Blocks: Design - 2.22.2010

Homework (Due 3.1.10): Create Banner image for your website in Fireworks. Image should be as wide as your container div and between 80px and 200px tall and < 40kb in size. Emailed to before class.

The Building Blocks: Structure/Design - 3.1.2010

Homework : Validate your HTML & CSS template page and include the W3C Badge in the footer. Need Help? Read This.

Bringing It All Together - 3.8.2010

Homework : Validate your HTML & CSS template page and include the W3C Badge in the footer. Need Help? Read This.

Bringing It All Together - 3.15.2010

  • Accessibility - Melanie Thorton

Spring Break - 3.22.2010

  • Work on Personal Web Portfolio

Assignment: Finish Personal Website project. Email me ( a link to the site no later than Noon CST April 5,2010.

Bringing It All Together - 3.29.2010

Practice Assessment - 4.19.2010

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Assessment - 5.5.2010

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ReAssessment - 5.10.2010

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