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Internet Technologies

To view lecture notes for a given lesson follow the links below. Lecture notes will be added the day of each lecture. Assignments will be listed for each section. Assignments are due before class.

Introduction - Review Syllabus and course expectations - 8.19.2010

Reading Assignment: The history of the Internet and the web, and the evolution of web standards

Introduction: Our Window to the Web: Web Browsers & Understanding Web Related Terminology - 8.24.2010

Assignment: Download and Install Firefox on your computer. Add the Web Developer and Firebug extensions
Read Chapter 1 in Textbook and complete homework assignment.

Getting Started - 8.26.2010

Assignment: Evaluate your favorite web site based on our discussion of Structure, Content, Design, and Behavior. This is a written assignment that should be emailed to me ( no later than 8-31-10. Make sure you discuss the following elements: Site URL, An assessment of the Structure, Content, Design, and Behavior of the site, Things you like about the site, Things you would change.

Structure: Introduction to (X)HTML- 8.31.2010

Assignment Reading: Semantic XHTML (Quiz Material) & Read Chapter 2.

Structure: Introduction to (X)HTML - 9.2.2010

Assignment Reading: (Quiz Material) Read Chapter 3.

Structure: Introduction to (X)HTML - 9.7.2010

Assignment Reading: Read Chapter 4.

Structure: Introduction to (X)HTML - 9.9.2010

Reading Assignment: Generic Containers the div & span element

Structure: Introduction to (X)HTML - 9.14.2010

Read Chapter 6

Site Management - 9.16.2010

Assignment: Create and Validate a prototype HTML document that includes examples of all HTML elements covered thus far. For a list of requirements view this page.

Emailed to on 9.20.10 (Monday)
Reading Assignment: CSS Basics

The Building Blocks: Structure/Design - 9.21.2010

Reading Assignment: Read Chapter 8 - Quiz Material

The Building Blocks: Structure/Design - 9.23.2010

Reading Assignment: CSS Specificity & Class vs. ID - Quiz Material

The Building Blocks: Design - 9.28.2010

  • Using Classes
  • In-class Lab

Reading Assignment: Read Chapter 9 - Quiz Material

Create styles for your Prototype HTML Document. You should style all required elements from the previous assignment other than the form. Upload to you web space and email the url to before class on 10.5.10

Structure/Design/Content - 9.30.2010

The Building Blocks: Design - 10.5.2010

Assignment: Complete Site questionnaire and create a storyboard for your web site. Emailed by to me by October 7

In Class Lab - 10.7.10

Homework Due 10.12.10 Email me the icon you create as homework.

The Building Blocks: Design - 10.12.10

The Building Blocks: Design - 10.12.10

Homework (Due 10.19.10): Create Banner image for your website in Fireworks. Image should be as wide as your container div and between 80px and 200px tall. < 40kb in size. Emailed optimized version to before class.

The Building Blocks: Design - 10.19.2010

Homework: Read Chapter 12

Working with Dreamweaver - 10.21.2010

Bringing It All Together - 10.26.2010

Guest Lecture -10.28.2010

  • Melanie Thorton - Web Accessibility

Homework (Due 11.2.10): Explain in your own words what web accessibility means to you & why it is important to build accessible web sites? This is a written assignment that should be emailed to me ( no later than 11-2-10.

Introduction to JavaScript - 11.2.2010

Reading Assignment: A reintroduction to JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript - 11.4.2010

  • Script Resources
  • In-class assignment - On a blank HTML page implement a JavaScript from Dynamic Drive. Upload to the web and email me the link. Included in the document should be the URL where you got the script and any enhancements you made to the script. Extra credit will be given for any script that have been enhanced from their original format.

Read the following Article on Progressive Enhancement. Send me an email ( explaining progressive enhancement in your own words. Please discuss why it is important to use progressive enhancment and include a link to another article you found relating to the topic. Due before class on Tuesday (11.9.10)

Applied JavaScript - 11.09.2010

Applied JavaScript - 11.11.2010

  • Exploring the functionality of Jquery
  • Building web apps with Jquery
  • In class assignment - Find and complete one jquery tutorial on the web. Upload the finished project to your web space and send me a link to the working example. Finish as homework Due Next Thursday (11.18.10). When evaluating the script make sure that that it still functions without Javascript enabled. You should pick something that can be integerated into your current site to meet the above mastery requirement.
    • Resources 1 | 2 | 3

The Road Ahead: HTML 5 - 11.16.2010

  • What can it do? - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
  • Who is using it now? - 1
  • Browser Support - 1 | 2
  • Markup Overview - 1 | 2
  • Where to Start - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

The Road Ahead CSS 3 - 11.18.2010

Lab - 11.23.2010

  • Review Grades
  • Individual Help

Web Forms - 11.30.2010

Student Requests - 12.2.2010

  • Including RSS Feeds on your site - 1 | 2
  • Image Galleries | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
  • Next Steps | IFSC 3300 (Sample Syllabus)
  • Course Evaluations

Final - 12.9.2010

The link to the final project should be emailed to me ( with Your name and Final in the subject line no later than 12:30 on December 9, 2010. Anything sent after this time will not be accepted


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