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Information Science Freshmen Experience: Techniques for Problem Solving

To view lecture notes for a given lesson follow the links below. Lecture notes will be added the day of each lecture. Assignments will be listed for each section. Assignments are due before class.

Introduction - Review Syllabus and course expectations - 8.20.2009

Blog Orientation - Selecting a Theme - 8.25.2009

Homework (Due 8.27.09): Write your first blog post reflecting on your personal expectations for the semester. Make sure you categorize and/or tag the post. If you are feeling adventurous try adding a photo to the post.

Using Wordpress - 8.27.2009

Assignment: Customize your blog sidebar.

Information Discovery - 9.1.2009

Learning Activity - 9.3.2009

Review your favorite web-based service from the list on this page (or another service that that you already use) and write a blog post explaining it's functionality, the pro's and con's of using the particular service, and discuss the service's potential for impacting the way you work. Please be prepared to discuss in class on Tuesday.

Listening - 9.8.09

  • Catherine Lowry - Information Technology Coordinator
  • Video - via youtube

Blog Assignment: Observe your listening habits over the next week. Due next Tuesday 9.15.09, discuss what you learned about yourself and what areas you need to strengthen.

Extra Credit Assignment: Attend the Service Learning Fair
- Details - Bring Proof of attendance for credit (Program or other literature signed by at least three vendors/booths)

Information Discovery - 9.10.2009

Scavenger Hunt - 9.12.2009

  • Have Fun

Scavenger Hunt - 9.17.2009

  • MBTI - Catherine Lowry

PowerPoint - 9.22.2009

Assignment: Blog Post - Reflect on your personality type and how you can apply this information to be a more successful student

Assignment: PowerPoint Presentation - Presented 10.1.09 in class - This will be a short presentation about you and your interests.

PowerPoint - 9.24.2009

PowerPoint - 9.29.2009

PowerPoint - 10.1.2009

  • Presentations - Time Management and Goal Setting - Catherine Lowry

Assignment: Blog Post - Reflect on your presentation. What were your strengths & weaknesses? Identify areas you could improve and discuss possible strategies for doing so. Please be thorough.

Time Management and Goal Setting - 10.6.2009

  • Presentations
  • Time Management and Goal Setting - Catherine Lowry

Assignment: Blog Post - Formulate & discuss your personal strategy for managing your time while pursuing your degree

What is Information Science? - 10.8.2009

Assignment: Blog Post - In your own words answer the question "What is Information Science?"

Bioinformatics - 10.13.09

  • Dr. Steve Jennings

Information Science Curricullum - 10.15.09

IFSC Faculty Presentations - 10.20.09

IFSC Faculty Presentations - 10.22.09

Assignment: Blog Post - Discuss a research interest of one of the IFSC faculty that you found particularly interesting

Virtual Reality - 10.29.09

  • Dr. Edi Tudoreanu

Assignment: Blog Post - Discuss how both BioInformatics and Virtual Reality will shape our future

Working in Teams - Communication strategies for success - 11.3.09

  • Catherine Lowry

Working in Teams - Communication strategies for success - 11.5.09

  • Project Assignments
  • Team Assignment: Initial Research for the Service Learning Project. You will be asked to report your ideas to class on 11.12.09

Service Learning - 11.10.09

Assignment: Blog Post - What does Service Learning mean to you?

Service Learning - 11.17.09

  • Team Progress Reports
  • Project Work

Service Learning - 11.19.09

  • "Getting it Write"- Effectively communicating technical information to non-technical audiences - Suzann Barr - Rhetoric and Writing

Project Lab Time - 12.1.09

  • Meet in the Classroom

Project Lab Time - 12.3.09

  • Meet in the Classroom

Final - 12.10.09


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