R. Paul Yoder

Professor of English
English Department
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2801 S. University
Little Rock, AR 72204-1099
(501) 569-8321
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1992: Ph.D. in English, Duke University.
          Dissertation: "Significant Events: Language and Narrative in Blake's Jerusalem."
          Director: Prof. Robert F. Gleckner.
1983: M.A. in English The Ohio State University
1980: B.A. in English, with Departmental Honors, Louisiana State University


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Papers and Other Conference Participation:

2011: "Apophenia: The Association of Ideas in John Locke, William Wordsworth and William Gibson." NASSR. Park City, UT.

2009: "The Terrible Wonder: Blake's Rejection of Milton's Economy of Redemption." NASSR. Durham, NC.

2009: Participant in Roundtable Celebrating the Career of Robert F. Gleckner. NASSR. Durham, NC.

2006: "The Disappearing Context Trick: The Rhetoric of Discontinuity in Blake's Jerusalem." NASSR. Lafayette, IN.

2005: "Breaking through the Walls of Words in Blake's Jerusalem." NASSR. Montreal, Canada.

2002: "Joshua the Giant Killer: Jack, Joshua, Balaam and the Valleys of Peor in Blake's Jerusalem." NASSR. London, Ontario, Canada.

2002: "Pope's Jerusalem." Borromeo Conference on Catholicism and Literature. Little Rock, AR.

2001: "Blakean Self-Satire in Jerusalem." NASSR. Seattle, WA.

2000: "Organ-ized and Bonified: Soft Tissues and Hard in Blake's Jerusalem." NASSR. Tempe, AZ.

1999: "Self-Similarity in Blake's Jerusalem." NASSR. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

1998: "Gouging Jerusalem: Reading Blake's Revisions." NASSR/BARS. Strawberry Hill, England.

1997: Chair. Open Session on William Blake. NEMLA. Philadelphia, PA.

1996: "Blake's Pope." NASSR. Conference. Boston, MA.

1996: "Epigrams and Epics: Two Models for Reading Blake's Jerusalem." NEMLA. Montreal, Canada.

1995: "The Progress of Tyranny in Gray's 'Progress of Poesy.'" EC-ASECS. Newark, DE.

1994: "Righting Albion: Blake's Canon Revision." NASSR. Durham, NC.

1994: "The Pre-Longinian Sublime." Penn State Conference on Rhetoric and Composition.

1991: "John Milton's 'The Passion.'" NEMLA. Hartford, CT.

1990: (with David Smith, Prof. of Mathematics, Duke). "Project CALC: Writing and Mathematics." Mini-course for Carolinas and Ohio Science Ed. Network. Granville, OH.

1990: "Project CALC: Writing and Mathematics." Math. Assoc. of America. Louisville, KY.

1989: Panel Chairperson. "The Writing Portfolio in the Composition Class." CCCC. Seattle, WA.

1988: "Paul de Man and the Correction of the Rhetorical Self." CCCC. St. Louis, MO.

Invited Lectures:

2008 June 26: "Teaching Core Romantic Texts." Arkansas Summer Institute for AP Teachers. UALR.

2008 March 2: Roundtable discussion on Jane Austen on AETN (Public Television). 2007 June 27: "Teaching Romantic Poetry to Smart Students." Arkansas Summer Institute for AP Teachers. UALR.

2006 February 1: "Allen Ginsberg's Kaddish." LI MUD HA'AM Series. Temple B'Nai Israel. Little Rock, AR.

2005 September 28: "Searching for the Sound: The Autobiography of Phil Lesh." Life Quest Adult Education, Little Rock, AR.

2005 February 16: "Jewish Holy Books." Life Quest Adult Education, Little Rock, AR.

2004 July 15: "Lyrical Ballads: The Roots of Romanticism." Central Arkansas Library's "Third Thursdays" series.

2004 November 9: "Locke, Wordsworth and Winnie-the-Pooh." Phillips Community College.

2003 Sept. 30: "William Blake and the Doors of Perception." Phillips Community College.


UALR Bailey Award for Excellence in Teaching (2009) Teaching Excellence Award, UALR College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (2009)
Visiting Fellow, Yale Center for British Art (1998)
Duke Univ. Director of Graduate Studies Dissertation Fellowship
Association of American Colleges Junior Teaching Fellow
Phi Kappa Phi
LSU English Departmental Honors

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