Dr. Yoder
English 4332.01     Engish Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century
Spring 2014     TTh 1:40-2:55pm     Stabler Hall 101

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Lonsdale, Roger, ed. The New Oxford Book of Eighteenth-Century Verse.
Fielding, Henry. Joseph Andrews and Shamela
Dryden, John. All for Love
Wycherley, William. The Country Wife
(I did not order a book for the plays by Wycherley and Dryden, but I recommend Six Restoration Plays, edited by John Harold Wilson. Any edition will do as long as you have the The Country Wife read by the third week of class. Also, be sure your Dryden play is formatted as poetry, not prose.)

Goals and Objectives:
By the end of this class, students should be able to

  1. appreciate and discuss a range of English literature from the Restoration and 18th century, especially issues of form, irony, and satire;
  2. discuss the role of this literature in the development of English literary history;
  3. discuss the relationship between the literature and the social, political, philosophical, and scientific developments of the period;
  4. write perceptive, well-argued essays about some aspect of the literature;
  5. formulate their own conclusions about the value of this literature.

Course Assessment:
This course will include an ongoing assessment of my teaching in the form of weekly journals. These journals consist of a 250 word (minimum requirement) written response to the class readings or discussion. These journals allow me to assess how well students are understanding what I think I am teaching them, and I make adjustments to my class presentations and assignments accordingly. Taken as a whole, the journals count for 15% of the student's final grade, thus insuring that the students take this assessment seriously. The journals also serve other classroom purposes outlined on the "House Rules" page.

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