"Cover Page"


Seventeenth-Century Literature 4328/5328

Spring 2006

Roslyn L. Knutson, Professor, UALR


1. Syllabus; Take-home prose style exercise; handout on the "culture" paper; handout on the "pedagogy" paper

2. Duplicates of Talking Points (poetry) presented in class; Talking Points (prose)

3. General handouts: Numerology, Dates, Lunatic Fringe, Style (Lyly, Shakespeare, Hemingway)

4. Poems not in your texts but available on the Web as well as by handouts:

a. Epithalamia:

b. Death Elegies (see also"burials"):

c. Love Elegies:

d. Epigrams:

e. Satire:

e. Lyric Forms: Blazon

Fairy Poems: Herrick, Robert "Oberon's Feast," "The Hag"

Religious Verse:


5. Prose Selections not in your text but available on the Web: