Classical Sociological Theory Online

Classical Sociological Theory Online is the online version of Classical Sociological Theory offered in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Gerontology at UALR. It is designed for students to consider the conceptual, social, and historic framework of classical sociological theories, and critically assess the merits and failures of early, post-Enlightenment social thought. Primary emphasis will be given to pre-twentieth-century theoretical constructs and the philosophical underpinnings of sociological theory.

The course should be one of the most challenging ones you have ever had in sociology. You should be prepared to spend much time reading material by and about the masters of social thought in sociology. Also, it will require you to re-familiarize yourself with your knowledge of Western history, intellectual history, and social philosophy. Finally, it will require you to think sociologically in light of the offerings of the intellectual founders of the discipline of sociology.

This is a theory course but it does not preclude any active involvement on the part of the student. Your participation in online discussions and your contributions to the class should provide a lively and stimulating format for exploring the nature of our society and the influence of classical theorizing. Theory involves abstract thinking, not simply the memorization of certain facts for purposes of regurgitation at test times. Therefore, be prepared to think abstractly and respond critically to issues presented during the duration of the course.