Dues for the Aeolus Recorder Konsort and the American Recorder Society

Here is an explanation from your treasurer of how and why to pay dues to the Aeolus Recorder Konsort (Aeolus) and to the American Recorder Society (ARS).

Aeolus dues are still only $5 a year, payable in January.  While most of our income is from performance honoraria, and an occasional memorial to a deceased member or someone in a member's family, this small amount of dues makes you an official member and adds a little to our treasury.  It also makes you eligible for financial help to attend workshops.

American Recorder Society dues may be paid directly by the member, but it has been our custom, and most of our members prefer, to pay in January through the Aeolus treasurer, who then forwards the $40 national dues to ARS.  What do you get for the $40?  Membership in an international organization which promotes recorder playing, a biennial directory of all members listed by state/country (nice for travelers), 5 issues per year of American Recorder magazine and the "ARS Newsletter", several editions per year of Membersí Library music, mailings from recorder workshops and vendors of recorders and appropriate music, discounted registration at some workshops, discounts on ARS special publications.  In addition, Aeolus as an affiliated chapter receives publicity in ARS publications, free mailing labels for our local workshops, and various helpful publications and communications from the national society.

Aeolus and ARS 2003 dues are payable now till the end of January.  To repeat, it is $5 for Aeolus membership and an additional $40 for ARS membership.  These two amounts can be combined on a single check.  Would you please make checks payable to Aeolus Recorder KonsortMarried couples may share one membership in ARS, but are expected to pay two memberships for Aeolus.  Full-time students have special rates also.  If you have any questions about payment, would you please send them to the treasurer at: recorder@ualr.edu .  You can also give your dues to the treasurer at a rehearsal.