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This WEB resource site is being developed by Dr. Robert E. Belford and is devoted to chemcial safety. I am currently an instructor of chemistry at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and have decided to transfer my bookmarks to this site so they can be shared with other faculty and students. This is a public domain site and I have done my best to link to legitimate WEB resource sites. These links do not consist of an endorsement of any of these sites. Likewise, neither I nor the department of chemistry take responsiblity for the information in these sites.

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Table of Contents:
Chemical Hygiene Plans
Governmental Organizations
Professional Organizations
Safety Listservers
University Safety Homepages
Useful Sites

Chemical Hygiene Plans This section consists of sites containing chemical hygiene plans which have been posted on the WEB

Illinois State University:  Chemical Hygiene Plan for the Department of Chemistry at Illinois State University
Saint Francis:  Chemical Hygiene Plan for the Department of Natural Sciences of the University of St. Francis

Corporations This section consists of sites to links of corporations of interest to laboratory safety

1.Flinn:  Flinn Scientific: An excellent Resource for All
2.HAPC:  Safelab; a subsidary of Hitchings Associates,PC, an engineering and industrial hygiene consulting firm
3.SETON:  Compliance Resource Center

Government Sites: This section consists of governmental sites on the WEB

1.ATSDR  Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Home Page
2.CDC  Center for Diease Control Home Page
3.EPA  Environmental Protection Agencies Home Page
a.      Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention  EPA Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Homepage
b.      Region 1: College & Universities  EPA Region 1 College and University Homepage
c.      Region 1: Compliance & Enforcement  EPA Region 1 Complaince Assistance and Enforcement Homepage
d.      EPA Educational Resources 
d.      EPA Research & Development  Techonolgy Transfer Branch
4.NIOSH  National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Home Page
5.OSHA  Occupational Safety and Health Administration Home Page
6.OSHA Inspections  Type in SIC code 8221 for colleges and get results of OSHA's last 100 inspections. You can pick regions, states, dates....
7.CCOHS  Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

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MSDS SHEETS: This section consists of resource sites on the WEB for Material Safety Data Sheets Sites.
1.J.T.Baker:   Very Informative MSDS
2.MSDS-Search  Large Search Engine with lots of other useful data
3.SIRI  Vermont SIRI MSDS search engine
4.NJ Right to Know  Substance Fact Sheets
5.MSDS Solutions  
5.C&E News Safety Letters  

Table of Contents:

Professional Organizations

ACS Div. of Chemical Health and Safety:  Home page of the American Chemical Society Division on Chemical Health and Safety
Chemical Health and Safety:  Offical publication of the ACS Division on Chemical Health and Safety
Committee on Safety:  Home page of ACS CCS
Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories  Free ACS publication
LSI:   Laboratory Safety Institute Homepage: Nonprofit Organization dedicated to Laboratory Safety in Academia
NCRP:  National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements Home Page
ACHIH:  American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists: "The ACGIH® community of professionals advances worker health and safety through education and the development and dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge."
CCOHS:  Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

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Resources: This section consists of various databases and glossary sites

Environmental Terms   EPA Glossary on the Environment
ERG 2000: Hazard Classificaton System   Hazard Labels worked out by the Candadian CT, US DOT and Mexican SCT. Excellent resource on hazard codes...
IDLHs   NIOSH Documentation for Immeadiately Dangerous to LIfe or Health Concentrations (IDHLs)

Table of Contents:

Safety Listservers The following are links to listservers and archives devoted to safety

NACHO:  National Organization of Chemical Hygiene Officers: Homepage for signing up on the NACHO listserver which is devoted to chemical hygiene discussions
Safety Listerver Archive:  at the University of Vermont

Table of Contents

University Safety Homepages The following are links to hompages devoted to safety at various universities.

Auburn University
Southern Illinois University Carbondale:  CEHS: Center for Environmental Health and Safety;
Illinois State Univeristy:   Department of Chemistry Laboratory Safety Homepage
Oklahoma State Univeristy:   EHS: Environmental Health and Safety online library of laboratory and chemical safety
University of Georgia:   EHS: Environmental Health and Safety
University of Illinois
University of Texas at Tyler
University of Virginia  Chemical Safety Program

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Useful Sites: This section consists of various sites on the WEB which have a lot of useful information

1. ESH Manual:   Environmental Safety and Health Manual, maintained by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Excellent resource...
2. ERG 2000:   Emergency Response Guidebook developed jointly by CT (Transport Candada), DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) and SCT (Secretariat of Communications and Transportation of Mexico). Excellent resource on hazard codes...
3. Rehab the Lab:  Program developed in King County Washington State.
4. Safety Information on the Internet: Vermont SIRI Program developed in King County Washington State.
5. Fire Safety in the chemical laboratory (Boreal Laboratories).

Table of Contents:

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