The analytical balance measures the mass of substances to within 0.0001g.  The balance pan should be completely dry and contain no extraneous materials that may affect the accuracy of the measurement.  Place the weighing paper onto the balance pan and close the side doors.  To make sure the weight is stable, wait for the mass to stop changing or for a green triangle to appear.  Press the “tare” button to recalibrate the balance to read 0.0000g so as not to include the mass of the weighing container.



Open one of the doors and use a spatula to add the substance up to the desired mass.  Once again, close the door and then record the mass of the substance.  If too much of the substance has been added, carefully remove it until desired mass is reached.

Do not to lean on the balance or on the table while weighing!

After finishing the measurements, brush the area around the balance pan to clean it of any remaining substance particles or spills.  Discard any weighing paper.