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Bob Belford's General Chemistry Page


This page is full of perpetually outdated links which I am no longer attempting to keep current. I am hoping that the dynamic nature of the new chemistry page will evolve into a more useful resource. Please feel free to visit the new page and add resources to it. Cheers!
This page is a sorting area of links to various sites in general chemistry. It is open to all of my classes and anyone who wishes to pursue their quest for knowledge of chemistry over the internet. Please feel free to follow any links and send any suggestions to Dr. Bob Belford. To return to Bob Belford's Homepage

Links on this page:
Hypertext Book Links Hypertext University Class Links Hypertext College & AP Class Links Power Point Lectures Other Tutorials
Data Table Links General Chemistry Links IChemistry Links History Topics Hypertext Book Links Periodic Table Links
Exam Links Organic Links Biochemistry Links Physical Chemistry Links Chemistry Search Engines Project Topic Links
Experiments/Demonstrations Safety/Waste General Search Engines Employment General Education Conferences

I. General Chemistry Class Links

A. HyperText Book Links

a1. SDSU Summer Bridge, San Diego State University, "An introductory course into the world of Chemistry
a2. General Chemistry Topic Review, Purdue
a3. General Chemistry , University of Florida

B. Hypertext University Class Links
b1. General Chemistry Classes Dan Bedgood, Arizona State University General Chemistry Classes, Interactive Notes & Exams
b2. General Chemistry , Chm 2040, University of Florida
b3. Chm 145, Van Bramer, Widener University
b4. General Chemistry , James Hardy, University of Akron
b5. Chm 202, Laura A. Hughes, Southern Oregon University, has sample problems
b6. Chem 12, , James Burness, Chemical Principles, Penn State York.
b7. Science 20 , St. Edward's University

C. Hypertext College & AP Class Links
c1. Governer's School Chemistry, Roanoke Valley
c2. Chm 121, Dekalb College
c3. Wilton High School Chemistry
c4.On Line Intro to Chemistry ,Walt Volland

D. Power Point Lectures
d1. Gen Chem 1, Bob Belford
d2. Gen Chem 2, Bob Belford
d3. Jim Birk's Courses, Arizona State University
d4. Chm 2051 P.J. Brucat, University of Florida

E. Other
e1. Darmouth General Chemistry Study Guide
e2. Theory of atoms in Molecules , Richard Bader, McMaster University, Excellent Text Including General Quantum.
e3. Astronomy 162 , Mark Littmann, Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Tennessee
e3. Direct Text , Online Textbook Search Engine (used & old)

II. General Chemistry Links

A. Tutorials
Bob Belford's, Interactive Gen. Chem 1 Quizzes
a2. Bob Belford's, Interactive Gen. Chem 2 Quizzes
a3. CHEM Team, great general Chemistry tutorial with decent picture gallery.
a4. MathMol, Hypermedia Textbook
a5. CAcT, Computer Accessible Chemistry Tutorial, Chung Chieh, University of Waterloo
a6. Tanner's General Chemistry
a7. Eric's Chemistry
a8. Interactive Tutorials, Ohio State University a9. Cubic Science Com.
B. General Chemistry Link Pages
b1. Kiwi Web , Chemistry and New Zealand
b2. Chemistry 1A, Dan Decious, CSU, Sacramento
b3. WWW Chemistry Modules , Georgia Southern University
C. Chemistry Link Pages
c1. Waruno Mahdi
c2. Biochem Net:General Chemistry
c3. Chemist's Art Gallery
D. History Topics
d1. The Alchemy Library
d2. Classical Chemistry , Carmen Giunta, Le Moyne College, Excellent Classical Chemistry, Glossary of Archaic Chemical Terms, Links to Historical and P-Chem Sites.
d3. History of Chemistry Links, Carmen Giunta, Le Moyne College.
d4. Elementistory , hypertext periodic table with history of the elements
d5. Great Physicists
E. Other

e1. Chem team: VSEPR Theory of Molecular Geometry
e25. Chem team: 3-6 Electron Domains
e3. Rosen's Measurement Links , Mark Rosen, Philadelphia School District
e4. Pictures of Atomic Orbitals, P.J. Brucat, University of Florida
e5. World of Chemistry , Ralph Logan, North Lake College
e6. The Science Museum
e7. What is a Mole?, Joseph Herbert
e8. Whats the Matter?

F. General Education

1. Universities,
2. Community Colleges


1. Confchem,
2. CCCE-Newsletter
3. ACSDiv. Chem. E. Meetings
4. 2YC3,

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III. Chemistry Tool Links

a. Periodic Tables
a1. Web Elements Mark Winter, University of Sheffield
a2. Periodic Table, Michael Dayah
a3. Periodic Tables , Chris Heilman, Phoenix College, beaucoup periodic table links

b. Data Tables

b1. Physical Constants, National Institute of Standards and Technology
b2. Unit Conversion Factors, University of South Hampton
b3. Martindale's Reference Desk
b4. Science and Engineering Database, UCSD
b5. Environmental Chemistry.COM, Excellent!

c. Chem Education Sites
c2. ICE, Institute for Chemical Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison
c3. Chemical Education Resource Shelf, Journal of Chemical Education
c4. INVSEE, Interactive Nano-visualization in Science & Engineering Education
d. Companies/Services
d1. Chemical Abstracts Services
d2. Fisher Scientific
d3. Links for Chemists
d4. Springer-Verlag
d5. Indigo
e. Journals
e1. Chemistry Journals , list of over 500 online journals
e2. Chem Center Publications , ACS
f. Other
f1. Symbols & abreviations , Ken Koehler
f2. Chronology of Biophysics, Ken Koehler
f3. Glossary
f4. HST&M, History of Science Technology & Medicine

IV. Chemistry Exam Links
1. Arizona State University(Dan Bedgood)
2. Concept Tests, University of Wisconsin-Madison
3. Exam Bank, Ohio State University
4. ENERAL CHEMISTRY, , POMONA COLLEGE, go to main page for solutions

V. Organic Chemistry Links
1. Organic Chemistry Sites
2. The Organic Laboratory , University of Akron
3. TAMU Organic

VI. Biochemistry Links
1. BioPhysics, Ken Koehler
2. Biophysics Index , Ken Koehler
3. Biology 101
4. Concepts In Biochemistry , University of Akron
5. Biology Links, Harvard Dept of Molecular & Cellular Biology

VII. Physical Chemistry Links
1. WWW-Living Book of Physical Chemistry, Bishop's University

VIII. Inorganic Chemsitry Sites

IX. Project Topic Sites
1. Ozone & the Atmosphere
2. Photochemical Smog
3. Tutorials on Polymers and CompositesIntelligent Systems Laboratory, MSU)
4. Materials Science and Technology Teacher's Workshop Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign)

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X. Chemistry Search Engines
1. Biomedical Internet Resources
2. Blast, (Protein sequence similarity Search Tool)
3. Entrez, (National Center for Biotechnolgy Information)
4. Galaxy Chemistry
5. Medical Breakthroughs
6. Medical Matrix
7. How Things Work? , (Search of Previous Questions and Answers)
8. Knowledge Adventure , (a searchable internet encyclopedia)
9. PubMed, (Searches over 9 million citations in Medline)
10. Science Projects, (a searchable gopher site)
11. Science Searches, (Community of Science Search Engine)
12. Science/Health Search Engines , (My Virtual Reference Desk)
13. Scientific American
14. The Scientist, (searchable gopher site)
15. World Health Organization
16. Yahoo Chemistry

XI. General Search Engines

1. Google
3. AltaVista,
5. Beaucoup Search Engines
6. CNN
7. Dog Pile, (multiple search engines)
8. HotBot
9. Infomine
10. infoseek
11. Lycos
12. Mamma
14. Northern Light
15. Nova Online
16. N.Y. Times
17. Starting Point
18. WebCrawler
19. WWW Search Engines , (My Virtual Reference Desk)
20. Websters Dictionary

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XII. Internet Experimental/Demonstration Sites
1. 1996,1995 & 1994 Access Excellence Fellows Collection(Great Archive Collection)
2.University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemistry Department DEMONSTRATION LAB
   a. General Chemistry
   b. Analytical Chemistry
   c. Organic Chemistry
   d. Inorganic Chemistry
   e. Solid State Chemistry
   f. Physical Chemistry
   g. Biological Chemistry
3. Polymer Labs (MAST, UI-Urbana)
4. Metal Labs (MAST, UI-Urbana)
5. Semiconductor Labs (MAST, UI-Urbana)
6. Concrete Labs (MAST, UI-Urbana)
7. Energy Labs (MAST, UI-Urbana)
10. PIRA Physics Instructional Resource Association
11. University of Missouri-Rolla Gary L. Bertrand
12. Home Experiments U. Wisc
12. Chemistry Experiments you can Do at Home ThinkQuest
13. Dr. Cal's Good Laboratory Practices UI, Chicago
14. Demo Links PagePeter Keusch - Excellent

XIII. Chemical Safety/Diposal Sites

1. Pollution Prevention Research Projects DatabaseUniversity of Massachusetts - Toxic Use Reduction Institute
2. National Toxicology Program
3. Oregon Office of State Fire Martial
4. Environmental Defense Chemical Score Cards
5. MSDS-Material Saftey Data Sheets, search site, (NFSC)
6. Environmental Defense Chemical Score Cards
7. Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory , Oxford University
8. Safety Manual, Chemistry Dept. U. of Bristol
9. Chem Info Net, Good info for small schools & Com. Colleges
10. Office of Environmental Health & Safety, UV, excellent Laboratory Survival Manual
11. SWIX, Southern Waste Information Exchange

Employment Sites

1. Chronicle of Higher Education Chemistry Page
2.Employment Opportunities at The Oregon University System
3.Caliornia Community College Job Bank
4. Head Hunter
6. HigherEdJobs.comJob Database

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