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17th BCCE The Use of Virtual Laboratory Activities to Introduce Inquiry Learning Into Procedural Experiments:   At West Virginia University we created a series of virtual postlab assignments using the virtual laboratory developed by the Irydium Project at Carnegie Mellon University (now Chemcollective). With the virtual laboratory we were able to introduce an element of inquiry into the established procedural environment without changing the established curriculum. One of the interesting things we noted was a tendency for "procedural transference" from the real lab to the virtual lab. That is, when the students were faced with a virtual lab that contained no instructions, they tended to use the instructions from the real lab, even when they were inappropriate.
18th BCCE CMS and the Laboratory: Connecting the Lecture to the Laboratory Through Online Activities:  This presentation was given during the 18th BCCE and describes a dynamic ASP laboratory course management system we developed around embedded learning objects. We developed two types of online guidance to assist with inquiry based activities. The first was a static pop-up hint (asynchronous static online guidance) and the second allowed the student to send an anonymous question to the instructor through a survey generating program (synchronous dynamic online guidance).
18th BCCE Static and Dynamic Web Content in Interactive On-Line Learning Environments    This presentation was given during the 18th BCCE and describes the difference between static and dynamic online learning environments with embedded interactive learning objects
229th  ACS Student Experiences with Web Based Resources   This presentation was part of a Division of Chemical Health and Safety symposia on Teaching Safety during the 229th ACS national meeting, and described our experiences with students contributions to a PHP MySQL   Chemical Safety Index during the Fall 2004 ACS Online Chemistry Course Chemical Safety: Protecting Ourselves and our Environment . This safety index is a PHP-MySQL data base sort of like a three tiered set of "bookmarks" and anyone can add to it.
231st ACS Chemical Hygienics: MSDS Hyperglossary   This is a poster presentation given by one of my students at the 231st national ACS meeting. This work was done in collaboration with Dr. Robert Toreki of Interactive Learning Paradigms Inc where premed students in an independent study course contributed content to the MSDS hyperglossary and students in a general chemistry course used the MSDS DeMystifier during prelab safety assignments
231st ACS Student Derivation of Job's Method of Continuous Variations Through Molecular Modeling Exercises   This is a poster presentation given by one of my students at the 231st national ACS meeting. We introduced an inquiry based experiment into the verification laboratory curriculum at UALR that was also designed to familiarize students with coordination complexes before we covered them in lecture. Using a non-digital learning object (molecular models), students designed an experiment to determine the coordination number for an unknown coordination complex and then performed the experiment on real unknowns.