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This page is set up for the students at UALR who are participating in the ACS sponsored online chemistry course on laboratory safety. This is a multi-campus course which has been developed through the American Chemical Society's Divisions of Chemical Education and of Chemical Health and Safety. The class will actually be run through 11 online presentations with an associated ListServer and these can be accessed through the ACS course site ( OLCC-Chem Safety). To be engaged with the ListServer, you need to be registered for the course.

As each host institution is responsible for grading their own students this site contains information concerning UALR-specific requirements which are not posted on the ACS site. The UALR course is being facilitated by Dr. Ali Shaikh and Dr. Robert E. Belford We will hold 10 quizzes on the following Mondays of each of the ACS sponsored online presentations. We will have 4 reports modeled after the ACS suggested assignments, but there will be some substantial modifications. As final projects, students are to put together Inspection plans and components for a chemical hygiene plan.

In addition to the ACS links site, we have created our own dynamic links site which allows students to post links they wish to share with others. This site can be of use to any of the host campuses, in fact, to anyone who is seeking information on the web. As anyone in the world can post to this site, we need to be sure only appropriate information is posted, and so any submissions will be reviewed prior to posting. For more information on the creation of this course, go to OLCC-Chem Safety