Sorry, but answer a is not the right answer.
Please try again.
Answer b is incorrect.
Please read the question again and make another choice.
No, c is a wrong answer.
Please repeat this question.
This answer, d, is incorrect.
Please review this question and try again.
Answer e is a wrong answer.
Please repeat this question.
Yes! That's the right answer!
Now move to the next question.
Right! You chose the correct answer!
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You are right!
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CHM 115 -- Interactive Quiz #1 -- Dr. Robert E. Belford

This examination comprises 10 questions. This is a practice quiz and should be taken after you have studied. Do not guess, but use the rules covered in class. This is only for your benefit, and guessing will not help you pass the course.

Jump to Question #1.

DO NOT CLICK THE MOUSE BUTTONS. Simply press AND HOLD DOWN the mouse button over the identifying letter (a - e) that you choose as the correct answer.

A message will appear on the screen giving you the result of your choice.

If you picked a wrong answer, release the mouse button and try again.

If you picked the right answer the computer will move you to the next question as soon as you release the mouse button.

If you have any problems with the cursor or with a message that remains on the screen when you release the mouse button, try

One of these procedures should clear the screen and let you proceed.

This is a practice quiz. As you proceed through the questions below, try choosing both right answers and wrong answers to see what happens with each.

You can start now with Question #1.

Answer the Following Questions

01.Which sequence is in order of increasing value (starts smallest)? 02. Which of the following are all SI base units? 03. How many meters are 32.40 micrometers? 04. Convert 68oF to oC and K respectively 05. After a 2.00 g object was dropped into a graduated cylinder which intially had 125.0mL of water the volume became 126.4 mL. What is the density of the object in g/mL? 06. A coal power plant burns coal with an 8.0 % sulfur content. How many grams of sulfur are released after it burns 225 tons of coal? (1 ton = 2000 lb, 1 lb = 453.59g) 07. The symbols of Radium, Manganese, Potassium, Lead and Iron are: 08. Gold has a density of 19.32 g/ml. What is the mass of a rectangular gold bar with dimensions of 1.00 in by 0.50 in by 5.00 in? 09. Who is credited with determining the charge to mass ratio of the electron
e/m = -1.76x108 C/g
(C=coulomb = unit of charge)
10. What is the symbol for the element with 29 protons, 35 neutrons and 27 electrons.

You have finished this quiz.
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