Take Home Safety Quiz Number 2                          __________________

Chem 1403-31L


Part A:



Look at the Mallinckrodt MSDS sheet for solid potassium permanganate

and for 1 M potassium permanganate (product numbers 6139 and 7056).





a.  What should you do if you ingest potassium permanganate.  Look up both MSDS, justify your answer.








Part B: 


Look at the Mallinckrodt Baker MSDS sheet for crystal violet (product number F906).


2. Under Toxicological Information it says, Oral rat LD50: 420mg/kg.  What does that mean?




It states "Ingredient known anticipated IARC category.


What is IARC?



3.  Under Physical and Chemical Properties it states no information found on Specific Gravity.  What does specific gravity mean?





3.  What is the effect of crystal violet on aquatic organisms?