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Take Home Safety Quiz Number 1:


A MS-WORD file of this assignment can be found at       


Read the safety section of your lab manual, especially the section on Material Safety Data Sheets.  The purpose of this short assignment is to introduce you to some web based resources associated with chemical safety.  For this and many assignments you can start from the class homepage and follow the links.


During Experiment 2B you will be working with Potassium Chlorate.  You will need to look up a specific MSDS on Potassium Chlorate and answer some very basic questions concerning this chemical.  It is suggested that you use the MS-Demystifier and tips for its use can be found online at


Go to the MSDS section of the Chemical Safety Index ( and Click on the Link to <J.T.Baker>

( and do a search for Potassium Chlorate


Answer the following questions on a typed sheet of paper (you may copy the questions by downloading the assignment as a WORD document at .


1.  What does CAS No. mean?  (Section 1 under Product Identification)



2.  (Section 3, Potential Health Effects) states, ..." May cause abdominal pain, hemolysis, methemoglobinemia, Cyanosis, Anuria, Coma and convulsions. May cause liver and kidney damage. Death may occur from renal failure, generally in 4 days".


a.  Define Cyanosis


b. Define Anuria


3.  Explain a likely consequence of mixing sulfuric acid and/or organic materials with potassium chlorate.



4.  What is the melting point of potassium chlorate?




Tips for Using MSDS DeMystifier

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