Tips for Use of the MS-Demystifier


There will be several assignments in this class where you will be required to use the MS-Demystifier developed by Dr. Robert Toreki of ILPI (Interactive Learning Paradigms Inc.).  Here are some tips which will work with Windows Explorer on Cutting and Pasting a digital document into the



1.  Open the MSDS concerning the compound you are dealing with.


2.  Highlight the entire document by pressing <ctrl-A>


3.  Copy the document to "Windows Clipboard" so it can be transferred to the MS-Demystifier <ctrl-c>


4. Open the MS-Demystifier  (


5. Left Click Curser

within DeMystifier Box



6. Un-Click "raw

HTML code"



7. Click Demystify





Your document is now a hypertext document connected to the MSDS Hyperglossary.