Vintage Guitars

Vintage Guitars

picture of 1965 Mosrite Ventures Model 

1965 Mosrite Ventures Model

picture of Mosrite Combo Guitar

Mosrite Combo Hollowbody

picture of 70s Gibson Model SG Guitar

Early '70s Gibson SG

The term vintage guitars is usually used to indicate those made perhaps 20 or more years ago which were of high quality and usually from one of the major makers. These certainly include such pieces as the Gibson Les Paul, Flying V, and Explorer and the Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster in electrics, and must include many Gibsons and most likely all Martins in acoustic models. I would include in my definition other makers and models, such as the Mosrite guitars, and even inexpensive models such as the Fender Mustang. I rate playability with decent sound as at least worthy of consideration. I currently have a small collection including a '65 Mosrite Ventures model (my first guitar, bought at age 11 in 1969), an absolutely mint Mosrite Combo Sunburst Hollow Body made in the 60's (thanks netsurfers and guitar players for ID on her!), a and a Gibson SG from about '72 to '75. Each of these has a unique sound, and I play each one fairly regularly, except the Mosrite Hollow Body (don't want to mess up that finish!). Nowdays, when I just play, I pick an American Strat from the mid-90s, as does my son Matt. Not vintage, but very playable!

picture of Gibson Les Paul Guitar

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