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360 North Ridge Road
Little Rock, AR 72207


Master of Music, University of South Florida, Tampa Florida. Classical Guitar Performance. 1985
Bachelor of Music (Magna Cum Laude)
, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. Jazz Guitar Performance. 1978
Bachelor of Science (Magna Cum Laude)
, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me. Economics/History. 1973


August 1982 to present Employed at University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Primary duties at UALR have included definition, development, and administration of a guitar curriculum consistent with the BA Performance degree, as well as design and implementation of a broad based elective guitar program.


(Please note: the following information is derived from annual reports up to the year 1998 submitted to the Department of Music for annual review. Some of the ammual reports have been lost or have partial omissions. I will update this when I have time.)




A) Formal Recitals

This is an incomplete listing of some of the significant performance activity I have been invovled with over the past serveral decades. Since 1982 I have also been involved in a great number of public service activities. These performances have been for various arts organizations, schools, official UALR and state functions, charitable organizations, KLRE fundraisers, etc. Documention of many of these, in the form of letters of gratitude and recognition, is available upon request.


1/11/98 - Solo Recital at St. Matthew's Church, Wheeling, West Virginia
4/7/98 - Noontime performance at UALR
6/21/98 - Performance at St. Andrew's Cathedral/part of Wildwood Arts Festival


6/7 - solo concert in Helena for Phillips County arts gala
6/20 - Christ Episcopal Church, noontime concert series, Little Rock
7/27 - solo concert, Souston, France, La Villa Des Arts Concert Series.
Program included my transcription of Partita #1 for Violin by Bach, 7 Children's songs of Chick Corea I arranged for solo guitar synthesizer, transcriptions I made of Joe Pass' rendition of Duke Ellington's "Solitude" and Pat Metheny's "Never Too Far Away", as well as 3 original works

12/12 - Solo recital at Acoustic Sounds Cafe/Little Rock


7/9 - Featured solo performance for Southeast Arkansas Arts Fundraiser sponsored by University of Arkansas/Monticello
11/17 - solo performance at Juanita's

12/8 - solo recital at Acoustic Sounds Cafe

1/12 - solo performance at Arkansas Arts Center "Evening with the Arts" series

8/28 - performance at funeral of Federal District Judge James Moody funeral

9/6 - accompanied Rebecca Helm on doctoral recital

9/19 - Solo recital for Governor's Mansion Artist Series; included several of my own compositions


3/16 - Guest artist performance at the University of Arkansas/Fayetteville
3/16 - workshop/clinic at Univ. Arkansas/Fayetteville
3/18 - Guest artist performance at the Independence Concert Series, Independence, MO
3/26 - solo recital at UALR;
all of the preceding three recitals featured the introduction of Multiac guitar synthesizer and 2 original compositions
5/5 - concert at First Baptist Church in Hope, AR
5/6 - Guest artist performance at Ouachita Baptist University


2/10 - Guest artist performance at Berklee College, Boston, MA
2/12 - Guest artist recital at Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME
2/13 - Guest artist recital at St. Matthew's Church, Wheeling, WV
2/3 - Full performance for Intro to Music classes in SBS Concert Hall
3/26 - Recital at Oasis Center, Little Rock


1/17 - University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
1/19 - Ouachita Baptist University, Arkadelphia
1/20 - Westark Community College, Fort Smith
1/21 - Harding University, Searcy
1/23 - Howard Vance Guitar Academy, Memphis
1/26 - Arkansas State University, Jonesboro


3/26 - recital for Special Olympics fundraiser 6/20 - 20 minute solo presentation for the annual meeting of the Arkansas Pharmaceutical Association
9/8 - solo recital Faith Lutheran Church, Little Rock
10/17 - solo presentation to Arkansas Piano Association
the following 4 performances were sponsored by the Universidad Regiomontana of Monterrey, Mexico

9/17 - solo recital at La Casa de Culture, Saltillo, Mexico

9/18 - solo recital Monterrey, Mexico
9/19 - solo recital Teatro Lope de Vega, Monterrey, Mexico
9/21 - solo performance at Ancira Hotel, Monterrey, Mexico


2/22 - solo recital for annual international meeting of CUIDES in Ajijic, Mexico
2/26 - solo recital for international conference on developing international exchange between universities in the Western Hemisphere sponsored by the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Mexico
3/15 - University of Arkansas/Pine Bluff
3/20 - Texas A&M University, College Station, TX; simulcast on local public radio network
4/2 - Univ. Arkansas/Little Rock
4/9 - Southern Arkansas University, Magnolia, AR
5/1 - Arkansas Art Center performance for Lonoke High School Spanish students
5/10 - live 20 minute performance on New Hampshire Public Radio
5/11 - Concord Community School of Music, Concord, NH
5/12 - Choate-Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT
10/21 - Hendrix College, Conway, AR

1990 (2 programs)

1/21 - solo recital aired on KLRE-KUAR FM
2/28 - Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, AR
3/1 - Southern Arkansas University, Magnolia, AR
3/15 - Delmar College, Corpus Christi, Texas
3/22 - University of Arkansas at Monticello
3/31 - Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.
4/1 - Choate-Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT
4/3 - National Cathedral School, Washington D.C.
5/7 - Southeast Arkansas Concert Association, Monticello, AR
5/26 - Devil's Den State Park; Starlight Concert Series
6/17 - 1/2 program at 2nd Presbyterian Church; Hot Springs Arts Council
8/18 - Village Creek State Park; Starlight Concert
8/25 - Bull Shoals State Park; Starlight Concert
9/8 - Lake Catherine State Park; Starlight Concert
9/29 - Pinnacle Mountain State Park; Starlight Concert
10/4 - Little Rock Women's City Club
11/9 - Newport Arkansas School System residency; sponsored by Arkansas Arts Council Touring Arts program

1989 (2 programs)

1/22 - University of Arkansas/Fayetteville; with James Greeson
2/6 - UALR; with James Greeson
3/1 - Second Presbyterian Shepherd's Center
3/8 - Renaissance presentation to Little Rock Musical Coterie
3/16 - Presentation to KATV Awards Banquet
5/3 - Performance/presentation at Shepherd's Center of North Little Rock
5/9 - Solo performance at Excelsior Hotel on behalf of Little Rock Musical Coterie
7/14 - Hope, Arkansas; Starlight Concert Series
7/29 - Mena, Arkansas; Starlight Concert Series
8/26 - Petit Jean State Park
10/8 - UALR Faculty Showcase (1/2 program)


1/15 - Ouachita Baptist University 1/26 - Southern Arkansas University
2/7 - First United Methodist Church, Little Rock
9/20 - Arkansas State University
10/9 - Univ. Arkansas/Little Rock
10/2 - Univ. Arkansas/Fayetteville
10/17 - Illinois College; Jacksonville, Illinois
10/20 - West Liberty State College; West Liberty, WV
10/23 - Lansing Community College; Lansing, Michigan
10/29 - Arkansas Music Piano Teachers Ass.(1/2 program)


7/16 - Live performance on West Virginia Public Radio
7/17 - Camp Washington Carver, West Virginia; part of a cultural series sponsored by West Virginia Department of Culture and History
7/25 - Stifel Fine Arts Center, Wheeling, WV


5/27 - Bookfellows Club
8/14 - Porter Fund
11/17 - Southern Growth Policies Board, (1/2 program)
11/21 - National Governor's Association, (1/2 program)


3/28 - Dardenelle Art Center
6/14 - Southern Illinois University
7/19 - Edison Community College, Fort Myers, Fl.
7/25 - Univ. of South Florida
9/8 - Univ. Arkansas/Little Rock P


B. Ensemble Performances


3/22/98 - UALR Guitar Ensemble Gala Performance
4/17/98 - UALR Guitar Ensemble; St. Matthews Episcopal Church noontime Spring celebration
4/20/98 - UALR Guitar Ensemble; Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall


4/24/97 - Guitar Ensemble performance at Student Union
4/28/97 - Guitar Ensembles spring concert at UALR

5/2/97 - Classical guitar ensemble performance at Central High
9/24/97 - Organized performance with jazz trio for UALR History Symposium to celebrate the 40th
anniversary of the integration of Central High School
11/11 - Guitar Ensemble Performance at Vino''s

11/13 - Guitar Ensemble service performance at St. John's Catholic Center, Little Rock
11/20 - Guitar Ensemble performed for the Little Rock Arts and Humanities Luncheon; sponsored by the Little Rock Arts and Humanities Promotion Commission
11/24 - Guitar Ensemble performance at UALR


12/1 - Guitar Ensemble performance at Arkansas Children';s Hospital
12/8 - Guitar Ensemble performance at Acoustic Sounds Cafe

4/1 - Guitar Ensemble Performance at Parkway Village*

4/11 - Guitar Ensemble performance in Student Union*

4/12 - Guitar Ensemble Performance at Arkansas Arts Center "Evening with the Arts"
4/15 - Guitar Ensemble Concert in Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall
10/31/96 - UALR Guitar Ensemble performance for the Little Rock Arts and Humanities award luncheon at Excelsior hotel

10/31/96 - UALR Guitar Ensemble performance for the Little Rock Arts and Humanities award luncheon at Excelsior hotel

8/9 - Michael Carenbauer jazz trio at Evening with Arts/Arkansas Arts Center
8/24 - Michael Carenbauer jazz trio at River Market grand opening
12/2/96 - Guitar Ensembles fall concert at UALR.
12/8/96 - Classical Guitar Ensemble performance at West Rock Baptist Church


4/8 - Guitar Ensemble performance at Art Center "Party in the Park"
4/22 - Guitar Ensemble concert performance at UALR
4/25 - Guitar Ensemble duo performance for Bookfellows Club
5/1 - Guitar Ensemble duo performance for Awards Celebration
5/3 - UALR Guitar Nite/Guitar Ensemble concert at Juanita's
5/4 - Guitar Ensemble duo performance for Riverfest Promotion
5/28 - Riverfest/UALR Guitar Ensemble June1, 2, 4 - performance with Wildwood Opera in Man of La Mancha
Oct. 16, 17, 18 - Performance with Broadway production of Fiddler on the Roof 11/8 - Guitar Ensemble performance for North Little Rock Shepherd Center
11/13 - Guitar Ensemble performance at UALR; included original composition, (La Bella Via), a transcription by myself of Pat Metheny's "Hermitage", and another work.......all drum parts were sequenced by myself for this performance


11/19 - guitar ensemble
12/2 - guitar ensemble
4/19 - with Guitar Ensemble in Student Union
4/28 - with Guitar Ensemble in Student recital hour


2/12 - guitar ensembles performance for West Little Rock Rotary Club
2/27 - jazz and classical guitar ensembles performed for workshop conducted by Falla Trio
4/14 - Guitar Ensembles in Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall
4/24 - Guitar Ensemble performed for Basbleaus, a local women's civic organization
4/28 - Guitar Ensembles in Student Union
10/3 - performance with Arkansas Symphony Orchestra


4/24 - guitar ensemble performance at UALR
11/4 - Guitar Ensemble at Oyster Bar
11/6 - Guitar Ensemble Hump Day Concert in Student Union
11/17 - Guitar Ensemble in Stella Boyle Smith
12/10 - Guitar Ensemble in Student Union


1/22 - University of Arkansas/Fayetteville; with James Greeson
2/6 - UALR; with James Greeson
4/14;4/16 - Performance with Arkansas Opera Theatre Orchestra in Domenick Argento's "A Postcard from Morroco"


4/28 through 5/1 - guitarist in UALR Department of Music/Theatre production of Man of La Mancha


3/9 - with UALR Faculty Jazz Combo
4/11 - Univ. Arkansas/Pine Bluff; with UALR student guitar ensemble
4/13 - UALR Fine Arts Concert Hall; guitar ensemble


3/17 - UALR Concert Hall; with Faculty Jazz Combo
4/28 - as above
10/6 - as above
4/21 - UALR Concert Hall; with guitar ensemble
11/29 - as above


C. Public Service Performances


11/29/97 - Performance at St. Andrew's Church
11/30/97 - Performance for Funeral Directors of Arkansas reception
12/2/97 - Informal presentation for all students of Cathedral School, Little Rock

12/2/97 - Presentation for Arkansas Association of Retired Physicians
12/3/97 - Presentation for Friends of the Arts about technology applications in the UALR Department of Music

12/4/97 - Performance for Conway County Hospital Christmas reception
12/7/97 - Performance for St. Vincent Hospital Christmas reception

2/3/98 - Performance for Alltel International Convention, Wildwood Park

2/17/98 - Performance for CARTI reception, Little Rock
2/27/98 -Performance for students of music classes at St. Mary's Academy, Little Rock
2/27, 2/28/98 - Solo performances at Vagabonds Cafe, Little Rock
3/20/98 - Performance for students of Mountain View schools; sponsored by Arkansas Arts Council "Arts on Tour" program

3/21/98 - Solo performance for Ballet Arkansas reception
3/27,3/28/98 - Performance with Tom Cox at Vagabonds Cafe, Little Rock

3/28/98 - Performance for Little Rock Country Club renovation celebration

4/3/98 - Performance for Sheridan High School music students


12/3 - performance at Recruitment function hosted by Office of Development
3/2 - Solo Performance for Sunbelt kickoff

3/2 - Solo Performance for Trio Day in Arkansas celebration at UALR

4 /16 - Solo Performance for Chancellor reception for UALR athletes

4/24 - Solo Performance for Gerontology Convention hosted by UALR

5/11 - Performance with Tom Cox in Student Union

5/17 - Solo Performance for UALR Alumni Awards reception

9/12 - performance for Don Sweet reception

9/26/96 - Performance at Chancellor';s home for dinner for new professors 11/10/96 - Performance at Scholarship reception in Donaghey Student Union
11/16 - solo performance for Arkansas Symphony Guild

11/18 - benefit performance at Hotze House for Rotary Club

12/13 - benefit performance for Retired Physicians of Arkansas meeting at St. Vincents Hospital

4/27 - Benefit performance with Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Jazz trio benefit for Wildwood Opera
5/7 - Informance for Montessori schools
8/24 - performance at annual Zoo Days celebration
10/4/96 - Performance/Workshop for England High School Gifted and Talented Program
10/13/96 - Performance for reception for the Friends of the Arts
10/17/96 - Performance with Rebecca Helm for Arkansas Symphony Guild

Other miscellaneous performances for receptions at Arkansas Decorative Museum, Arkansas Territorial Restoration Center, and other private functions


12/1 - Performance with Liz Elku Trio at for St. Michael';s Hospital, Texarkana
2/3 - Arkansas Arts Center "Evening With the Arts"

2/11 - performance with ASO jazz trio at reception for ASO patrons of Valentines Day Concert.

2/24 - performance with Arkansas Symphony Jazz Trio

3/2 - performed at reception for Sunbelt ConferenceBasketball tournament
3/5 - performance for reception for incoming students, sponsored by Office of Admissions

3/30 - performance for reception sponsored by Office of International Programs

4/ 8 - Participated in Phonathon Fund raiser

5/5 - performance for Faculty Excellence Awards reception

5/6 - performance with Arkansas Symphony Jazz Trio in Hope

5/9 - performance with Tom Cox at DeValls Bluff High Seniors Banquet

5/11 - performance for United Cerebral Palsey

5/17 - Solo performance at St. James United Methodist

9/18 - performance for Chancellor reception for new professors

10/31 - met with MIDI students of Hans Stiritz to demonstrate capabilities

11/2 - Performance for Association of Occupational Therapy Conference at Excelsior Hotel

11/5 - Performance for reception for Scholarship Donors hosted by Development Office

12/14 - informance at Pulaski Academy


11/18 - Mount St. Mary's informance
4/16 - Performance for Party in the Park fundraiser at Arkansas Arts Center

5/9 - Performance for Arkansas Children';s Hospital Convocation

7/15 - performance for students at Carver Elementary

8/12 - performance for agricultural meeting at Stuttgart

8/24 - performance for Arkansas Mental Health meeting

8/25 - Performance for Arkansas Arts Center exhibition opening

8/28 - Performance for reception of Artspree opening

9/29 - performance for Southwest Criminal Justice meeting in Hot Springs

10/2 - performance for Leadership Gifts reception

10/3 - performance for dinner/reception for new professors

10/13 - solo performance for Andrew Kilgore reception at First Commercial Bank
11/2 - Performance with Michael Carter at opening of new library system
11/3 - Performance for Little Rock Convention and Promotion Commission Banquet
11/10, 11/11, 11/12 - Performances for Tiger Review at Ouachita Baptist

12/7 - Performance for Society for Philanthropy reception

I have also been involved in numerous public service and commercial performances as an ensemble member. A more detailed listing of these is available on my annual professional activities report to the department chairperson. The format of these appearances range from duos involving guitar and voice, violin, flute, cello, mandolin, lute, and bass, to large ensemble. The musical styles of these include classical, jazz, rock, and country music. Some of the more prominent artists and educators I have performed with include Jerry Coker, Willie Thomas, Pharoah Sanders, and Nancy Wilson.


II. Grant Writing, Fundraising


Lead person in fundraising effort to secure funds for technology related materials for the guitar program this summer; we have raised approximately $5000 thusfar....

Secured matching funds for establishment of guitar workstation that currently includes the ability to use the guitar in conjunction with a sequencer and other specialized software.

Awarded Faculty Research Grant for Summer of 1996 to original record works for guitar ensemble

Awarded the first Friends of the Arts Faculty Research Grant ($500 + $500 matching funds from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs)


Assisted UALR Student Guitar Society in the preparation of request for funding for next fiscal year, (a record $1200 was given for guitar activity), and in the allocation of this year's funding
2/21 - jazz guitarist Mark Whitfield workshop; $250.00 funding was allocated from the Student Activity Fee
2/27 - Falla Trio workshop; $250.00 was given to Artspree from the Office of Student Affairs for this activity; another $250.00 was granted by the Donaghey Blue Ribbon Committee Raised $150 through performances in student union to purchase videotape materials


$200 for Ernesto Bitetti masterclass $200 for Gene Bertoncini workshop


$350 for Marc Teicholz residency
$530 for Julian Gray/Ronald Pearl duo


$500 Donaghey Visiting Artist Award for Jazz Guitarist Herb Ellis residency
$100 University Program Council Fund for Oliver Chassain Residency


$500 Donaghey award for jazz guitarist Herb Ellis residency
$100 from private donation in support of Ricardo Cobo workshop


$3000 Summer Research Stipend from UALR Faculty Research Committee
$1000 Donaghey Visiting Artist, (with Lisa Ricketson), in support of Doug Smith/David Crittenden residency
$250 Donaghey award for Ralph Towner workshop 1000 from University Program Council $1090 to Jazz Studies Activities from profits of ticket receipts from Ralph Towner concert
$200 raised in scholarship funds from performance activity by myself and students in conjunction with the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce


$3750 Donaghey grant for Gene Bertoncini/Michael Moore residency
$2500 College of Fine Arts Summer Faculty Development Award
$1600 Donaghey/Special Events award for lutenist Paul O'Dette
$200 Award for writing across the curriculum proposal
$1000 University Program Council for Benjamin Verdery
$500 UPC for Bertoncini/Moore residency
$200 UPC for Christopher Berg residency
$200 First Federal scholarship


III. Other Scholarly Activity

A. Publications

1992 "The American String Teacher", Vol. LXII, #3, p. 93-94; reviews of "Three Silhouettes", "Nakina", "Manifestations of the Spirit", "Sonare", "River Sky", "Fantasy and Ricercare"

1991 "The American String Teacher", quarterly periodical of the American String Teacher's Association: "Sequential Approaches for Guitarists"; Spring 1991

1989 "Soundboard", The quarterly periodical published by the Guitar Foundation of America: "Derivative Four Part Structures from Triads"; Vol. XV, No 4, Pg 294-295. "Application of Four Part Structures Derived from Triads"; Vol. XVI, No 1, Pg 34-35. "Extension and Expansion of Triads beyond Four Parts"; Vol. XVI, No. 2. Pg 38-40. "Drop Two Chord Voicings"; Vol. XVI, No 3.

1988 "Harmonic Systems for Guitar"; Vol. XV, No. 3.

1987 - "An American Suite", a three movement original composition for four guitars is currently being published by Plucked String Publishers. It was awarded second place in a national composition competition sponsored by Shenandoah College and Plucked String. Reviews of music compositions by Francis Kleynans and several Latin American composers, as well as an article/review of Charles Postlewate's "Arranging for the Guitar" have also been published in Soundboard.


VI. Compositions, Transcriptions, Arrangements

A. Guitar Ensemble


Sequenced "Ragtime Dance" and "Slightly Out" for use with Guitar Ensemble
Spring 96
- Transcribed materials and sequences derived from the WWW for use with the guitar ensemble.
Arranged and sequenced the following selections performed by the Guitar Ensemble in the Fall 96 program.... Moanin', White Christmas, Winter Wonderland...... sequenced drum parts for A Nice Noise and Lite Blues

Arranged 7 of Chick Corea';s Children';s songs for solo guitar

Transcribed Bach Partita #2 for Solo Violin for solo guitar

Arranged several of Henry Purcell works for keyboard for solo guitar

At the present time I have composed 10 works for guitar ensemble, and arranged five other works for this medium. Compositions and arrangements of mine in this medium have been aired on Arkansas, Alabama, West Virginia, and Michigan Public Radio. The UALR guitar ensemble was the first group of its kind to be invited to perform at the Mobile Collegiate Jazz Festival in 1984, and exclusively performed works composed and arranged by myself at that event. I have also composed and arranged four works for jazz ensemble that were performed by the UALR Faculty Jazz Ensemble from 1982-1985. For solo guitar, I have written/arranged one work, (Ode to Home Life), which I have programmed on many recitals. In addition, I have done transcriptions of and performed works by Bach (Cello Suite #3; Prelude, Fugue, Allegro; Violin Sonata #2; Chaconne in D Minor) and a several keyboard sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti. I have also performed arrangements to many jazz songs, most notably Duke Ellington's "I've Got It Bad", in recitals throughout Arkansas, and in Illinois, West Virginia, and Michigan, Texas, Mexico, and France. A complete list of compositions, arrangements and premiere dates is available upon request.


Guitar ensemble is currently working with my transcription of Bill Evans' "The Dolphin", and Pat Metheny's "New Chataqua" using the computer rendition as a playalong

Began intensive study of guitar synthesizers, (Roland GR-1 and GR-09), Vision 3.0, (a professional midi music sequencing software program), Finale 3.0, (the latest version of this notation application), Band in a Box, (a midi play along program), Claris Works, (an integrated general purpose application). I was also chosen by the Godin Guitar Company of Montreal, Canada to introduce their new instrument to this region of the country. This is a nylon string midi guitar.

Transcribed Wes Montgomery';s interpretation of "Old Folks", for performance by UALR Guitar Ensemble with Finale
Sequenced "Noel for 4 Guitars" and "High Time We Did". These are materials to be used by Guitar Ensemble for playalong practice and/or accompaniment during live performances.

Arrangement of keyboard works of Henry Purcell for Guitar duo; this entailed transcribing approximately 40 isolated works and 8 suites that will be used in guitar ensemble, guitar reading, and applied guitar. Since the transcription was done with Finale, all of the works have a standard midi file recording for students to practice with.

Arrangement of original song, "La Bella Via" for guitar ensemble...

IV. Workshops/Residencies Coordinated


4/9 - Charles Postlewate
10/14 - Benjamin Verdery


2/17 - Ronald Radford
4/1 to 4/4 - Gene Bertoncini/Michael Moore
4/9 - Christopher Berg
11/14 - Paul O'Dette


1/30 - Javier Calderon
2/15, 2/16 - Ralph Towner
10/14 through 11/14 - Luis Valdez, Bolivian folkloric guitarist. I was primarily responsible for structuring the activities of Mr. Valdez on the UALR campus, as well as contacting other institutions in the state who expressed an interest in his talents


3/15 - Gerald Klickstein
3/3 - Doug Smith/David Crittenden
11/8 - Ricardo Cobo


1/17 - Herb Ellis Concert/Clinic
2/13;2/14 - David Russell
10/17 - Olivier Chassain


2/20 - Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
4/17 - Philip Hii
10/13 - Marc Teicholz
11/25 - Julian Gray/Ronald Pearl duo


1/24 - Ernesto Bitetti
2/11 - Gene Bertoncini
9/10 - Joseph Hagedorn
10/13 - Adam Holzman


2/21 - jazz guitarist Mark Whitfield workshop; $250.00 funding was allocated from the Student Activity Fee
2/27 - Falla Trio workshop; $250.00 was given to Artspree from the Office of Student Affairs for this activity; another $250.00 was granted by the Donaghey Blue Ribbon Committee
9/12 - 9/15 - Jose Ramos residency
11/11 - David Russell
12/1 - Alexi Zimakov


1/18 - Philip Hii recording workshop; performance
1/23 - Jason Vieux
12/3 - hosted reception for Springfield Missouri String Orchestra
4/23 - Ricardo Cobo concert; Student Guitar Society/Aesthetic Competency grant 4/26 - Skip Barthold concert
4/28 - Richard Johnson workshop; Student Guitar Society grant
10/23 - James Greeson/Rhonda Mains duo; funds garnered from UALR Student Guitar Society
11/22 - Kevin Gallagher, winner of GFA International Competition; funds garnered from UALR Student Guitar Society


2/2 - Stanley Jordan clinic/workshop; $750 raised for Student Guitar Society
3/14 - Workshop by Artspree artists Ronald Pearl and Julian Gray; also hosted a reception after their concert
6/7 - Hosted guitarist Philip Hii for Wildwood Festival
10/12 - Margarita Escarpa, Guitar Foundation of America Competition winner 11/14 - Hosted guitar recital by Anthony Morris; arranged for Mr. Morris to meet with KUAR officials about his syndicated guitar program

As a footnote to these hosted events, I was responsible for obtaining funding for these from the Student Activity Fee Fund, (I am faculty advisor to the Student Guitar Society, which received $1500.00 for funding for 1993-94), Aesthetic Competency Committee, and Donaghey Visiting Artist Funds; I was responsible for all publicity; also for housing, transportation, etc. for out of town guests


2/29 - Mike Stern workshop, clinic..... Mike Stern is one of the most highly regarded jazz/rock guitarists; he is a former member of Miles Davis group. I was responsible for writing a grant to fund the program.
10/21/96 - Antigoni Goni, winner of 1995 Guitar Foundation of America competition concert; approximately 250 people in attendance; funding derived from University Program Council


3/7/97 - Jorge Caballero, Naumberg Competition winner and Artspree artist gave an informal presentation for intro students, and a masterclass with Ross Herrin-Allen. The $500 fee was provided by the Student Guitar Society.
2/1/98 - Fabio Zannon - Guitar Foundation of America Competition; funding for this concert, ($500), provided by grant written by UALR Student Guitar Society
3/16/98 - John Adams Quartet Clinic
10/22/97 - handled promotion and organization of Navy Commodore Jazz Band concert and clinic to be held at UALR on October 22; approximately 650 people attended the concert

4/19/98 - Herb Ellis; funding for this concert, ($2000), provided by request to University Program Council

V. Committee Service


As chair of departmental scholarship committee, I was responsible for identifying procedural inconsistencies in the administration of the scholarship accounts through the Office of Development, which led to a restructuring of the manner in which scholarships will be distributed campus wide in the future. This involved auditing the individual departmental accounts, and presenting the findings to the Office of Development. Our persistence and initiative led to a recovery of $6600 in scholarship funds that would have otherwise been moved to a general scholarship fund. Took a section of Tom Richeson';s Intro classes while he was recuperating from accident


Chair of Scholarship Committee - revamped procedures and computerized records Dean CAHSS Search Committee - coauthored search announcement Represented department in discussions with Don Van Horne and other faculty regarding the CAHSS computer laboratory. Filed a report to Don Van Horne which was used in his proposal to Joel Anderson for delineating the profile of the lab.
3/3 - served on Faculty Excellence Committee


Completed survey of minimum enrollment standards and faculty load formulas and submitted them to Dean for review

Fall 1992

Nominating Committee Scholarship Committee Consultative Committee

Spring 1992

Consultative Committee Alumni Relations Committee (chairperson; produced first newsletter)

Fall 1990

NASM Review Committee (chairperson) Departmental Standards Committee (chairperson)

Spring 1990

NASM Review Committee - was responsible for the compilation, writing, and editing of the departmental document for the NASM 10 year review.

Spring 1989

Library Committee (Chairperson) - Instituted computer follow up of Library Acquisition requests Consultative Committee Theory Committee Nominating Committee

Fall 1989 Ad Hoc CAHSS International Committee Violin Search Committee Consultative Committee NASM Review Committee (Chairperson)

Fall 1988 Library Committee (Chairperson) - instituted new computer procedures to maintain an accurate record of materials requested/purchased Theory Review Committee Consultative Committee University Ad Hoc Committee for Handicapped Students (Chairperson) CAHSS Ad Hoc Evaluation Committee

Fall 1987, Spring 1988 University Ad Hoc Committee for Handicapped Students (Chairperson) - responsible for establishment and review of departmental procedures for the accommodation of handicapped students; also served on the Adaptive Needs Committee, which surveyed and assessed the physical needs on this campus for handicapped students Recital Committee (Chairperson) - implemented new procedures for recital attendance for music majors; instituted a faculty performance exchange between applied music faculties in the Arkansas university system; reassessed the student recital critique; maintained computerized records of recital attendance Choral Search Committee Theory Review Committee

Fall 1986, Spring 1987 University Ad Hoc Committee for Handicapped Students Personnel Policies Review Committee (chairperson); rewrote departmental document outlining departmental policies and procedures in matters of promotion and tenure Recital Committee, Violin Search Committee, P&T Committee

Fall 1985, Spring 1986 University Ad Hoc Committee for Handicapped Students Recital Committee, P&T Committee


VII. Teaching Assignments

A. Music Theory

Since my appointment at UALR in 1982, I have taught Music Fundamentals (one semester), Rhythmic Skills (one semester), Guitar Reading I (every semster), Guitar Reading II (once yearly). Materials used in the guitar reading sequence are largely of my own design, and are the focus of the series published in Soundboard.

B. Applied Music

Pop Guitar I (one or two sections each semester);
Pop Guitar II
(once yearly);
Electric Bass
(one semester);
Jazz Guitar
(on demand);
Applied Classical Guitar
; Applied Jazz Guitar; Applied Electric Guitar.
Individual instruction is given to BA applied guitar majors, BA Music History/Literature majors, and BM Jazz Studies majors.

C. Music History/Literature

Lennon/McCartney (twice). This course is offered as an upper level history elective to music majors and was taught as part of the UALR scholars seminar curriculum in Fall 1987. It is very interdisciplinary in character, with analogies and comparisons made between music, art history, psychology and philosophy. The class also reflects my concern for developing effective writing skills across the curriculum, and integrating music theory skills with aural development.

D. Music Ensemble

Guitar Ensemble (every semester).

VIII. Workshop, Consulting Activity


12/13/97 - Conducted workshop at Acoustic Sounds Cafe, Little Rock
1/9/98 - Conducted workshop at Guitar Depot, Bellaire, Ohio

2/20/98 - made a brief presentation for the Arkansas Chapter of the American String Teachers Association at their semi-annual pieces in Pine Bluff; also provided music for the AMTNA luncheon


2/23, 2/24 - guest clinician at Suzuki Workshop in Little Rock
4/16 - demonstration of guitar synthesizer for UALR MID students


2/10 - Met with the administrator of Berklee College of Music';s music media center and submitted report to chair; this meeting was directly related to significant purchases of computer hardware and software Consulted with Soundtree, the education branch of Korg, USA, about the possibility of establishing a pilot program for computer assisted classroom guitar education at UALR
Prepared a transcription of score and parts for the "Trojan March", to be used by the Pep Band using Finale


2/20/98 - attended AMTNA in Pine Bluff
9/29 - attendance at Macintosh and the Internet seminar hosted by Computing Services Represented department in discussions with Don Van Horne and other faculty regarding the CAHSS computer laboratory.
Filed a report to Don Van Horne which was used in his proposal to Joel Anderson for delineating the profile of the lab.
Contributed to Internet Department of Music World Side Web Site through the composition of a profile of the Guitar Program at UALR

Fall 1992 Served as consultant to University of Tennessee/Knoxville for guitar ensemble

1995 9/29 - attendance at Macintosh and the Internet seminar hosted by Computing Services


2/29 - Attended Arkansas All-Star High School Jazz Band Auditions
August 16-22 - taught at symposium sponsored by the Universidad Regiomontana de Monterrey


5/11 - Concord Community Music School, Concord, New Hampshire
5/12 - Choate-Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, Connecticut
12/18 - conducted masterclasses and workshops at Conservatoire D'Orleans, France

12/19 - conducted workshop and masterclases at National Conservatory of Music in Bordeaux, France


3/16 - Delmar College, Corpus Christi, Texas
4/ 1 - Choate-Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, Connecticut
Dec. 14 - Old Main High School, North Little Rock, AR


Oct. 28 - "The Technical Regimen, An Alternative Perspective", presented at Guitar Foundation of America Annual International Convention at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.


Oct. 21 - conducted workshop at West Liberty State College
Oct. 23 - conducted workshop at Michigan State University


July 18 - conducted clinic at Cultural Center in Charleston, West Virginia
July 19 - conducted clinic at West Virginia State College
10/21-25 - Attended American String Teachers Association/Guitar Foundation of America annual meeting at Arizona State University


Feb. 15 - conducted clinc at Arkansas All State Music Convention in Pine Bluff for Arkansas high school band directors
June 10-14 - attended National Guitar Congress at University of Maryland


Feb. 23 - participated in Writing Across the Curriculum Workshop sponsored by Department of English
Oct. 17-19 - attended ASTA Guitar Symposium in St. Louis

IX. Professional Memberships

Guitar Foundation of America, American String Teachers Association