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Michael Carenbauer is an innovative programmer and has charted a new course for the guitar in central Arkansas over the past two decades. He has performed hundreds of solo programs that have included many of the major works from the classical guitar repertoire. He is comfortable with the standard jazz repertoire and is a fluent improviser. His output includes original compositions and arrangements for the Godin Multiac guitar synthesizer.

His composition "Sextet for Zheng, Guitar and String Quartet" was premiered with the Quapaw Quartet and Chinese zheng soloist Connie Ng. Mr. Carenbauer also recorded his transcription of Bach's Concerto in E Major for Violin and String Orchestra and Leo Brouwer's "Quintetto for Guitar and String Quartet". He has introduced the music of Francois de Fossa to the Arkansas public in performances with the Arkansas Symphony Chamber groups. He established a duo with acclaimed cellist Felice Farrell, former principal soloist of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. He is available for performances and workshops through the Arkansas Arts Council "Arts on Tour" program.