Scholars 3310 - Creative Arts I
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Fall 2017
Link to UALR Donaghey Scholars Program

Welcome! The Individual and the Creative Arts I is an examination of the role of artistic endeavors in enriching human life. It is designed to familiarize students with the fine and performing arts: art, architecture, music, theatre, and dance. Creative Arts I and II, together comprising 6 credit hours, fulfills the Donaghey Scholars Program and UALR core requirement in Aesthetic Competency.

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Please download a copy of each document below to your computer for use during the semester. The syllabus and lecture schedule have active links related to reading assignments and papers, so it is important that you have access to electronic versions of these documents.

Syllabus for Scholars 3310

Lecture Schedule for Scholars 3310 - final copy will be posted online by Aug. 15. Please concentrate on the syllabus before then.


Please get the required course materials specified on the first page of the syllabus immediately. The textbooks and ConnectPlusMusic access card are available at the UALR bookstore and from online vendors such as and

Each of the instructors for this course specializes in a different discipline:

Art - Prof. Larsen

Music - Prof. Holzer

Theatre - Prof. Chapman

Our first class meeting on Wednesday, August 16 will provide a general overview of the course. You are encouraged to download the syllabus and read through it prior to our first class meeting.

We instructors will be using Blackboard throughout the semester to deliver course content, in addition to our face-to-face class meetings in FA 161. Please get in the habit of regularly reading the lecture schedule and logging onto Blackboard to keep up with homework. All course work is to be turned in on Blackboard.

If you have not used Blackboard before, please visit this link for a short introduction to this handy technological resource.

How much time should a student spend studying for this course outside of class?

A general rule of college study is that for every hour you attend class, you should spend 2 hours studying. For example, this class meets 150 minutes per week. That's 2.5 hours of class time, so you should study for approx. 5 hours a week during a regular 15-week semester. It is recommended that you work out a schedule for when you will study for this class. Planning ahead will ensure that you maximize your learning experience.

Attendance at arts events is in addition to studying.

Art - Prof. Larsen
Theatre - Prof. Chapman