Piano lessons are available to music majors, music minors, and elective students. Dr. Holzer's piano teaching studio/office is Fine Arts 101-D. Enter Fine Arts from the side entrance that faces Ottenheimer Library.

Syllabus for MUPR 1126, 1226, 2126 section 1 — non-beginner elective students

Syllabus for MUPR 1126 online, section 990 - beginner elective students, eNovative Piano subscription required. Distance-learning technology requirements apply

Syllabus for MUPR 2226, 3226, 4226 - Music majors or minors, audition required. BA audition guidelines and BM audition guidelines differ. Please ask for further information to plan your audition

Syllabus for MUPR 7226 - graduate-level piano study, audition required

Piano Links

I provide course content in Blackboard for you. Here is an "Orientation Guide" to Blackboard: http://ualr.edu/blackboard/

How Are Repertoire Assignments Determined?

Audition Requirements for Prospective Piano Students

Guidelines for Piano Principals

Dr. Linda Holzer, bio

Portfolio for Piano Principals



Classical piano enrollment questions? Contact Dr. Holzer by e-mail at lrholzer@ualr.edu or stop by her office, FA 101-D.


Music majors, please see the Music Department web site for more information.


Beginners (those who do not yet read music and are not familiar with scales, key signatures, time signatures, and chords) who are not music majors should register for MUAP 1114 Class Piano I, or online beginner private lessons MUPR 1126 section 990. Questions? Contact Dr. Holzer about section 990, by e-mail at lrholzer@ualr.edu or Dr. Naoki Hakutani, Coordinator of Group Piano Studies, about Class Piano 1 by e-mail at nxhakutani@ualr.edu




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