Classical Piano Lessons

Strategies for Innovation, interdisciplinary upper-level course, Spring
team-taught with Prof. Dan Berleant (EIT, Dept of Information Science)

SCHL 3310 Creative Arts I, Donaghey Scholars Program, Fall

MUTH 2192 Aural Skills I — required theory course for music majors, Spr

MUTH 2193 Aural Skills II - required theory course for music majors, Fall

MUTH 1310-990 Music Fundamentals, online. Music minors and elective students, Spr

MUED 4252 Perspectives on Careers in Music - upper-level music major course, Fall when announced


Courses for Piano Principals (BA) and Piano Majors (BM), offered selected semesters

MUED 3302 Piano Pedagogy, Fall when announced

MUHL 4374 Piano Literature I — Baroque/Classical
MUHL 4377 Piano Literature II — Romantic, Contemporary

Questions on piano auditions at UALR? Please see the link for prospective students, or contact Dr. Holzer via e-mail at General information about piano study at UALR is available on the Piano area web site.