Music Journals

In general, your journal entries should reveal critical thinking and listening. For the Music Journal, you are asked to chronicle your listening during a week's time, selecting 5 pieces about which to write. Three of the five pieces may be drawn from any source, but at least two of the pieces you write about must be selected from the ConnectPlusMusic streaming site (or Kamien CD set or the Spotify playlist) that accompanies the music textbook for this course. Length of the music journal should be approx. 5 paragraphs (one per piece). You may find it helpful to read p. 56 in the text, which touches on composer Aaron Copland's "three planes of listening to music."

The journal is on Blackboard, in Unit 2, and is also accessible under the Journal tool. Please read the directions carefully.
This is not a "Dear Diary" kind of assignment. In general, please use formal writing conventions, such as complete sentences and paragraphs.


Example (you may not use this piece for your own journal entry):

"Piece #1: I listened to "Palmistry," an instrumental piece performed by the group Tabla Beat Science. Their style is described as a contemporary style that combines Hindustani music, electronica, and Asian Underground style, among others. The performance medium is some kind of small instrumental ensemble, and the instruments include traditional instruments such as tabla, a variety of other percussion instruments, and synthesizer. The performers are: Zakir Hussain, Talvin Singh, and Trilok Gurtu. My understanding is that each performer contributed to composing the piece, that it is somewhat improvised, not a written-out composition. A particular composer wasn't listed on the recording. "Palmistry" is an energetic piece played at a fast tempo. It does not include any singers. This is a short piece, approx. 4 minutes long. Usually I listen to "Palmistry" on my computer at home. The environment is quiet and private, making it easier to hear the details of the music, no distracting sounds competing with the music (as compared to street noise if I were listening in my car). The thing I like most about this piece is the unique combination of instrumental colors emphasizing percussion, and the energetic rhythms. I enjoy the energy I feel when I listen to this music. It's great for a study break."

Grading criteria for journal entries:

0 = not turned in, or not turned in on time (as per the syllabus, late work is not accepted beyond the first delinquent day, and there is a penalty of 1 letter grade)
75 = average
100 = good or excellent, uses descriptive language and critical thinking


Art - Prof. Martin
Theatre - Prof. Chapman