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6-23-09 #175 Surviving Cancer

  • Older: Linda King - breast cancer survivor
  • Middle: Jodie Spears - breast cancer survivor
  • Young: Cory Shelton - testicular cancer survivor

6-9-09 # 174 Gangs

  • Older: Kenneth Bell - LA Hard Core Gang Unit - original member - national expert
  • Middle: Sgt. Kelly Cradduck - Rogers, AR Gang Unit
  • Young: Pastor Aaron Agnew

5-26-09 # 173 Leisure

  • Older: Libby Watson - Tallahasse, FL
  • Middle: Bennie Prince - UALR
  • Young: Janae Snyder - UALR

5-12-09 # 172 Infidelity

  • Older: Dr. Frank S. Pittman - Atlanta GA
  • Middle: Tony Delorenza - private investigations
  • Young: Naomi Schaefer Riley

4-28-09 # 171 Tools

  • Older: Roy Underhill - The Wooderight Shop - Public Television
  • Middle: Steve Johnson - www.finetools.com
  • Young: Chris Grundy - Cool Tools - DIY Network

4-14-09 # 170 Sexual Assault

  • Older: Diane Champa
  • Middle: Shirley Iverson
  • Young: Marnie Goodfriend

3-31-09 # 169 Hospice

  • Older: Lori Dyer
  • Middle: Terry Minton
  • Young: Odessa Darrough

3-17-09 #168 International Trade

  • Older: Dan Hendrix - Arkansas World Trade Center
  • Middle: Joe Baily: Arkansas Economic Development
  • Young: Bryan Barnhouse - Arkansas Economic Develpoment

3-3-09 #167 Home Remedies

  • Older: Dr. Charles Champion - Memphis, TN
  • Middle:Joe Graedon -NPR The Peoples′ Pharmacy
  • Young: Wesley Pilcher

2-17-09 #166 Public Housing

  • Older: Ruth Belcher - Little Rock Housing Authority lifelong resident
  • Middle: Dr. Lawrence Vale - Author and Prof. Mass. Institute Tech.
  • Korydon Smith - U of A Fayetteville

2-3-09 #165 Banking

  • Older: Elmus Wicker - U of Indiana emeritus
  • Middle: John Hall - UALR Economics
  • Young: Jie Pan - UALR Economics

1-20-09 #164 Movie Stars & Award Shows

  • Older: Kathern Kinsey - movie prop historian
  • Middle: Bob Pest - Ozark Documentary Festival
  • Young: Matt Smith - LR Market Street Cinema

12-16-08 #163 Gifts & Giving

12-2-08 #162 Genetics

  • Older: Dr. James F. Crow - U of Wisconsin
  • Middle: Dr. Brad Schaefer - UAMS Genetics
  • Young: Dr. Kent McKelvey - UAMS Genetics

11-18-08 #161 Thanksgiving

  • Older: Fant Jarrett
  • Middle: Jennifer Pyron
  • Younger: Thomas Starnes

11-4-08 #160 Presidential Politics

  • Older:Dr. Art English - UALR History and Politics
  • Middle: Kane Webb - asst. editor Arkansas Democrat Gazette
  • Younger: Holly Wood - Weslyan Univ.

10-27-08 #159 Stocks & Bonds

  • Older: Dr. Robert Z. Aliber - author, "The New International Money Game"
  • Middle: Dr. Larry Holland - Prof. Finance UALR
  • Younger: Jeremy Vohwinkle - Generation X Finance

10-7-08 #158 4H

  • Older Generation: Katie Rieff- 4H-er from the 1950′s
  • Middle Generation: Kevin Rieff- active, award-winning 4H-er
  • Younger Generation: Haley Rieff - student U of OK Stillwater, OK

9-16-08 #157 Dysfunctional Families

  • Older Generation: Dr. Philip Trapp - prof. emeritus U of A, clinical psychology
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Dan Neuharth - author, "If You Had Controlling Parents" http://www.controllingparents.com/
  • Younger Generation: Rusty Scoggins - consultant, Spectrum Technologies

9-2-08 #156 Middle East

8-19-08 #155 Scandal

  • Older Generation: Ernie Dumas - columnist Arkansas Times, Ark.Democrat-Gazette
  • Middle Generation: Frank Fellone - deputy editor Ark. Democrat-Gazette
  • Younger Generation: Shannon Richardson - prof. Sociology & Anthropolgy, UALR

8-5-08 #154 Lawyers

  • Older Generation: John Stroud - former AR Supreme Court Justice
  • Middle Generation: Richard Ramsey - past president Ark. Bar Assoc.
  • Younger Generation: Gwendolyn Rucker - staff attorney Ark Supreme Court

7-15-08 #153 Sportsmanship

  • Older Generation: Glenn Dickey - writer for Pro Football Weekly, baseball authority www.glenndickey.com
  • Middle Generation: Brian Shulman>- author, "Death of Sportsmanship" www.learningthroughsports.com
  • Younger Generation: Annette Scoggin - athletic director, Springdale High School, Springdale, AR

7-1-08 #152 Pollution

  • Older Generation: Dr. Carl Stapleton - Assoc. Prof. Dir. Environmental Health Science UALR
  • Middle Generation: Kate Altoff - environmental activist, Citizens Protecting Maumelle Watershed
  • Young Generation: James Burke - ECCO - activist for clean coal

6-17-08 #151 Population

  • Older Generation: David Simcox - Sr. Advisor, Negative Population Growth - author, "Social Security: The Ponzi Path to Dystopia" www.npg.org
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Jim Youngquist - UALR Director Institute for Economic Development
  • Young Generation: Mark Mather - Assoc. VP Domestic Programs at the Population Reference Bureau www.prb.org

6-3-08 #150 Oil

  • Older Generation: n/a
  • Middle Generation: Jay Simms - UALR Instructor, Earth Sciences
  • Younger Generation: Brandon Knight - Mid-West Independence from Oil Campus Organizer at Global Exchange - Michigan

5-20-08 #149 Armed Forces

  • Older Generation: Dub Allen - Retired Master Sergeant- Vietnam
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Robert Bruce- author/military historian, Sam Houston Univ. TX www.shsu.edu/~rbruce/
  • Younger Generation: Don Buchannan - Iraq veteran

5-6-08 #148 Golf

  • Older Generation: Ralph Williams
  • Middle Generation: Carrie Hall - ladies Pro, Hot Springs Country Club
  • Younger Generation: Jason Turner - U of A senior golfer

4-30-08 #147 This I Believe - Arkansas Families

  • Senator Mark Pryor and father, Senator David Pryor

4-15-08 #146 Taxes

  • Older Generation: James Riordan - frmr Mobile Vice Chairman - Tax Foundation bd member
  • Older Generation: Tait Trussell - frmr mg editor Nations Business Mag - sr editor Am. Enterprise Inst.
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Joe Waldrum - U A Cooperative Extension
  • Younger Generation: Lara Beard - Indep. grant writer, historic preservationist

4-1-08 #145 Gossip

  • Older Generation: n/a
  • Middle Generation: Linda Caillouet - AR Democrat Gazette columnist, "Paper Trails"
  • Younger Generation: Elizabeth Bloch - cofounder www.gossipreport.com
  • Younger Generation: Cheryl Brody - assoc. editor, Cosmo Girl Magazine www.cosmogirl.com

3-18-08 #144 Hate Crime

  • Older Generation: Dr. Jesse Lacey - former Little Rock School District administrator
  • Dr. Terry Richard - UALR Professor of Sociology, Anthropology and Gerontology
  • Prof. Shannon Richardson - UALR Professor of Sociology

3-4-08 #143 Pets

  • Older Generation: Emily Stuparyk - author, "When Only the Love Remains - The Pain of Pet Loss" When Only the Love Remains
  • Middle Generation : Kay Simpson- Director Humane Society of Pulaski County
  • Younger Generation: Lisa Mendoza - pet advocate Phoenix, Arizona

2-5-08 #142 Dentistry

  • Older Generation: Dr. Lindy Bollen Sr. - retired dentist from Jacksonville
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Lindy Bollen Jr. - Assoc. Prof. Dentistry UAMS
  • Younger Generation: Dr. Jordan Cooper - Central Arkansas Dental Assoc.

1-15-08 #141 Saving

  • Older Generation: Dr. Larry Holland, Prof. Finance and Economics
  • Middle Generation: Bob Williams, Senior VP Delta-Trust, Managing Director
  • Younger Generation: Jason Holland, (no relation) senior triple major

12/18/07 #140 Kwanza

  • Older Generation: Dr. Adjoa Aiyetoro, Prof. Law William H. Bowen Law School
  • Middle Generation: Garbo Hearne, Hearne Fine Art Gallery, http://www.hearnefineart.com/
  • Younger Generation: Nicholas Norfolk, UALR student - Chief Justice Student Government Assoc.

12/4/07 #139 Pharmacy

  • Older Generation: George Wimberley, former LR Mayor, Ar. State Legislator, lifelong Pharmacist
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Mark Riley, Director Ark. Pharmacists Association
  • Younger Generation: Dr. Scott Pace, Associate Director Ark. Pharmacists Association

11/20/07 #138 Hunting

  • Older Generation: Jack Wilson - Danville native
  • Middle Generation: Bryan Hendricks - Outdoor Editor, Arkansas Online
  • Sara Jones - avid hunter

11/6/07 #137 Wealth

  • Older Generation: Bill Bowen, former Director of Regions Bank
  • Middle Generation: Robert Frank, Author, Richistan" and "Wealth Report" WSJ
  • Younger Generation: Chad Carlson, Financial Advisor at Delta-Trust

10/23/07 #136 Homosexuality

  • Older Generation: Norman Jones, Owner of Backstreet Gay Bar
  • Middle Generation: Randi Romo, Director of the Center for Artistic Revolution
  • Younger Generation: Timothy Kessler, Miss Gay Little Rock America 2007

10/2/07 #135 Astronomy

  • Older Generation: Dr. Steve Maran, Scientific Spokesman for the American Astronomical Association and Author of several books, including "Astronomy for Dummies"
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Daniel Kennifick, UA Professor of Astrophysics specializing in magnetic waves
  • Younger Generation: Dr. Marc Seigar, UALR Professor of Astronomy specializing in dark matter

9-18-07 #134 Central High School

  • Older Generation: Dr. Terrence Roberts of the Little Rock Nine
  • Middle Generation: Angela Thomas, Editor of AY Magazine
  • Younger Generation: Brandon Booth, a Senior at Central High School

9/4/07 #133 Journalism

  • Older Generation: John Mashek 41 years at the Boston Globe; covered the White House tenures of Ford, Carter, and Bush Sr.
  • Middle Generation: Sonny Rhodes, UALR Professor of Journalism
  • Younger Generation: Angela Thomas, Editor of Active Years Magazine

8/21/07 #132 Alcoholism

  • Older Generation: Ellen of ALANON
  • Middle Generation: Dr. David Briscoe, UALR Professor of Sociology
  • Younger Generation: Jason of AA

8/7/07 #131 Trains

  • Older Generation: Tom Murray, Consultant and Author
  • Middle Generation: Marc Horovitz, Editor of Garden Railway Magazine
  • Younger Generation: David Hoge, Photo Journalist

7/17/07 #130 Secularism

7/3/07 #129 Civil Rights

  • Older Generation: Dr. Robert Parris Moses, Author, early Civil Rights Leader (SNCC), and Founder of the Algebra Project
  • Middle Generation: Rita Sklar, Executive Director of ACLU Arkansas
  • Younger Generation: Spirit Trickey of the Central High National Historic Site and daughter of Minnie Jean Trickey, one of the Little Rock Nine

6/19/07 #128 Being Single

  • Older Generation: Dr. Kay Trimberger, Author of "The New Single Woman"
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Bella DePaulo, Author of "Singled Out" http://www.belladepaulo.com/
  • Younger Generation: Jason Campbell, College Ministry Associate at Geyer Springs First Baptist Church

6/5/07 #127 Auto Racing

  • Older Generation: Rex White, among NASCAR′s 50 Greatest Drivers of the 60′s
  • Middle Generation: Bart Goodson, I-30 Champion in 2004
  • Younger Generation: J.T. Goodson, I-30 Rookie of the Year in 2005 at the age of 14

5/15/07 #126 Plastic Surgery

  • Older Generation: Dr. Julio Hochberg of UAMS
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Brent Mulleken of ABC′s "Extreme Makeover," Beverly Hills, CA
  • Younger Generation: Dr. Michelle Shermak, Chief of Plastic Surgery at Johns Hopkins in Bayview, MD

4/17/07 #125 Chiropractic

  • Older Generation: Dr. H.C. Sloat
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Karen Konarski-Hart
  • Younger Generation: Dr. Michael Jarman

4/3/07 #124 Fishing

  • Older Generation: Joe Mosby, AR Game and Fish Commission
  • Middle Generation: Tom Bly, AR Game and Fish Commission
  • Younger Generation: Jeremy Risley, AR Game and Fish Commission

3/27/07 #123 Symbols

  • Older Generation: Joel Samuels, University of DBQ
  • Middle Generation: John Deely, Author of "Four-Ages-Understanding-Twenty-First-Communication"
  • Younger Generation: Tina Botts, Professor

3/6/07 #122 Tolerance

  • Older Generation: Sanford Tollette
  • Middle Generation: Jim Carnes, Author of "Us & Them: A History of Intolerance In America"
  • Younger Generation: Crystal Mercer of the Little Rock Central High Museum; Ranger

2/20/07 #121 Dancing

  • Older Generation: Don Rhodes
  • Middle Generation: Carla Berroyer
  • Younger Generation: Lisa Sheridan of Arthur Murray Dance Studio

2/6/07 #120 Weather Forecasting

  • Older Generation: Harry Volkman of WGN & WFLD, Chicago
  • Older Generation: Frank Wachowski of Midway Airport
  • Middle Generation: Barry Brandt of KATV, Little Rock
  • Younger Generation: Scott Lawrimore, Manager and Senior Meteorologist at the Weather Channel

1/16/07 #119 Obesity

  • Older Generation: Dr. David Lipschitz, Host of "Aging Successfully with Dr. David" on PBS
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Joe Thompson, Chief Medical Officer of Arkansas
  • Younger Generation: Jaron Tate, Finalist on NBC’s "The Biggest Loser"

12/19/06 #118 Toys

  • Older Generation: Tom Beck of the Worlds Largest Toy Museum in Branson, MO
  • Middle Generation: Bob Freidland, Director of Marketing for Toys R Us, NY
  • Younger Generation: Brooke Brown, Mother of two in her mid twenties

12/5/06 #117 Advertising

  • Older Generation: Wally O'Brien Jr., former CEO of International Advertising Assoc.
  • Middle Generation: Ron Sherman of Ron Sherman Advertising
  • Younger Generation: Jacqueline Reid, Director of John Hartman Center for Sales

11/21/06 #116 Poverty

  • Older Generation: Rev. Lee Vell Faison
  • Middle Generation: Ray White of Heifer International
  • Younger Generation: Sarah Silva Nolan of Catholic Campaign for Human Development in San Francisco, CA

11/7/06 #115 Politics

  • Older Generation: Dr. Cal Ledbetter, UALR Professor Emeritus
  • Middle Generation: John Brummett of the Arkansas News Bureau
  • Younger Generation: Dr. William Muck, UALR Professor of Political Science

10/24/06 #114 History

  • Older Generation: Dr. John Hope Franklin, Author and Recipient of the Presidential Freedom Medal
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Peter Stearns, Author and Provost of George Mason University
  • Younger Generation: >W. Fitzhugh Brundage, Author and Young Historian winner, UNC

9/28/06 #113 Celebrity

  • Older Generation: Dr. Charles Edgley
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Charles Ponce DeLeon, Author
  • Younger Generation: Dr. Laura Grindstaff, Author

9/19/06 #112 Fads

  • Older Generation: Dr. Charles Edgley, UALR Professor
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Frank Hoffman of Sam Houston University; Author
  • Younger Generation: Eric Borgos, Webmaster www.crazyfads.com

9/5/06 #111 Auto Repair

  • Older Generation: Don Rhodes
  • Middle Generation: Duane Mariage
  • Younger Generation: Zack Talbert

8/15/06 #110 Gambling

  • Older Generation: Orval Allbritton, Author and Historian
  • Middle Generation: Jeff Rucker
  • Younger Generation: Daniel Kelsey

8/1/06 #109 Physical Fitness

  • Older Generation: Nash Abrams
  • Middle Generation: Phyllis Hodges
  • Younger Generation: Jean-Paul Franceour

7/18/06 #108 Balancing Work and Family: Women

  • Older Generation: Billie Ann Myers, President of AARP of Arkansas
  • Middle Generation: Leslie Morgan Steiner, Author of "Mommy Wars" and Writer for the Washington Post
  • Younger Generation: Laura Cameron, Civil Engineer

7/4/06 #107 Balancing Work and Family: Men

  • Older Generation: Homer Jones
  • Middle Generation: Keith Hammonds, Fastcopy.com, Business Week
  • Younger Generation: Perry Steiner of Arlington Capital Partners

6/20/06 #106 Pornography

  • Older Generation: Dr. Joseph Slade, Author
  • Middle Generation: Jan La Rue, Author
  • Younger Generation: Ben Shapiro, Author

6/6/06 #105 Airline Travel

  • Older Generation: Jay Miller of Aoerofax Incorporated
  • Middle Generation: Claudia Van Deusen, retired American Airlines Flight Attendant
  • Younger Generation: Patrick Smith of "Ask the Pilot"

5/16/06 #104 Mobile Homes

  • Older Generation: Roy Huddle
  • Middle Generation: J.D. Harper
  • Younger Generation: Rachelle Davis

5/2/06 #103 Wine

4/25/06 #102 Outsider Art

  • Older Generation: Cleveland Turner (Flowerman)
  • Middle Generation: Barbara Hinton
  • Younger Generation: Erika Nelson

4/18/06 #101 Veterinary Care

  • Older Generation: Dr. Thayer Henderixson
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Renea Lavergne
  • Younger Generation: Dr. Arnetha Brooks

3/21/06 #100 Gardening

  • Older Generation: Dick Blankenbeker, Master Gardener, retired
  • Middle Generation: Bob Byers, Director of Garvan Woodland Gardens
  • Younger Generation: Kristin Warner, Horticulturist

3/7/06 #99 Cartoons

  • Older Generation: Gary Weir of KATV during the 60's and 70's; Bozo
  • Middle Generation: Jerry Beck, Animation Historian and Author
  • Younger Generation: Rachelle Davis, Mother of 4-year-old Spencer

2/21/06 #98 Doctors

  • Older Generation: Dr. Larry Lawson, Surgeon, retired
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Brendan Stack, UAMS Otolaryngology
  • Younger Generation: Dr. Sherri Carter Wyatt, Second Year Resident at UAMS

2/7/06 #97 Disability

  • Older Generation: Elizabeth Lounsbury of Polio Canada
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Dan Holland, UALR Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Younger Generation: Esperanza Diaz-Alvarez of the Center for Independant Living in Berkely, CA

1/17/06 #96 Horse Racing

  • Older Generation: Don Grisham, 34 years Daily Racing Form
  • Middle Generation: Jeff Krupsaw, Deputy Sports Editor, Arkansas Democrat Gazette
  • Younger Generation: Roxanne Tanner, Oaklawn staff, training family

1/3/06 #95 Psychiatric Counseling

  • Older Generation: Dr. E. Fuller Torrey of the Stanley Research Center; the Washington Post’s "Most famous Psychiatrist in America"
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Robert Doyle, Director of Behavior Management Systems
  • Younger Generation: Dr. Daniel Holland, UALR Associate Professor of Psychology

12/20/06 #94 Ministry

  • Older Generation: Rev. Ray Mariage of Church of the Nazarene; 82 years old, began ministry in 1949
  • Younger Generation: Father Erik Pohlmeier of St.John's Catholic Church in Hot Springs, AR

12/6/05 #93 Prison

  • Older Generation: Ray Hill of the Ray Hill Prison Show in Houston, TX
  • Middle Generation: John Biewen of American Radio Works in Durham, NC
  • Younger Generation: Dina Tyler of the Arkansas Department of Corrections

11/15/05 #92 Moral Values

  • Older Generation: Dr. Joel Savishinski of Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY
  • Middle Generation: Leonard Steinhorn, Author of “The Greater Generation” and American University Professor
  • Younger Generation: Gregg Behr, President of the Forbes Fund in Pittsburgh ,PA

11/1/05 #91 Basketball

  • Older Generation: Hubert 'Geese' Ausbie of the Harlem Globetrotters; "Clown Prince"
  • Middle Generation: Rich Almstedt, former European team Player and College Official
  • Younger Generation: Annette Fisher, Mother of Derek Fisher, who was unable to participate as scheduled

10/18/05 #90 Cancer

  • Older Generation: Bonnie Jenkins of UAMS
  • Middle Generation: Regina Blanz of Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Younger Generation: Susan Foster of Palm Beach, FL

10/4/05 #89 Atheism

  • Older Generation: Edwin Kagin-Kentucky, Author
  • Middle Generation: Eddie Tabash, Constitutional Lawyer in Beverley Hills, CA
  • Younger Generation: Shawn Jeffers, Counselor in Cincinnati, OH

9/20/05 #88 Patience

  • Older Generation: Dr. James J. Messina of Tampa, FL
  • Middle Generation: David Leonhardt of Chesterville, Ontario Canada
  • Younger Generation: Warrick Sabin, Arkansas Times Editorial Writer

9/6/05 #87 Funerals

  • Middle Generation: Paula Staab Polk of Chatum, Il
  • Younger Generation: Dennis Keohane of Quincey, MA

8/16/05 #86 Football

  • Older Generation: Tom Bresnahan of the Buffalo Bills (4 Super Bowls)
  • Middle Generation: Ray Tucker, Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame and Broadcaster of play by play
  • Younger Generation: Eric Olson of the Springfield Business News

8/2/05 #85 Nursing Homes

  • Older Generation: Don Umfleet
  • Middle Generation: Ed Roupe and Nancy Allison
  • Younger Generation: Cassie White

7/19/05 #84 Retirement

  • Older Generation: John Ostner
  • Middle Generation: Bob Williams
  • Younger Generation: Jonathan Zaff

7/5/05 #83 War Injuries

  • Older Generation: Bob Dole, Former Senator and 1996 Presidential Candidate
  • Older Generation: Morris Lewis and Martin “Buck” Cowley
  • Younger Generation: Sp. James Carter

6/21/05 #82 Jazz

  • Older Generation: Marian McPartland, Host of NPR's "Piano Jazz"
  • Middle Generation: Dave Rogers, Drummer
  • Younger Generation: Matt Dickson and Clayton Cooper (18), Saxophone Players

6/7/05 #81 Men's Clothing

5/17/05 #80 Islam

  • Older Generation: Weill Abdeen, Business
  • Middle Generation: Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf of NY and Author of "What Is Right With Islam: A New Vision for Muslims and the West"
  • Younger Generation: Imam Islam of Imam of Little Rock

5/3/05 #79 Judaism

  • Older Generation: Nina Kupitsky
  • Middle Generation: Michael Kupitsky
  • Younger Generation: Eugene Kupitsky

4/19/05 #78 Christianity

  • Older Generation: Dr. James Rush, Philander Smith College Professor
  • Middle Generation: Father James West of Immaculate Conception NLR
  • Younger Generation: Ted Olsen, Manager of Christianity Today Online Magazine

4/12/05 #77 American Culture

  • Older Generation: Robert Groth of Weslaco, TX; 92 years old
  • Middle Generation: Bob Hupp, Artistic Director of the AR Rep Theater
  • Younger Generation: Warwick Sabin, Editorial Writer for the Arkansas Times

3/15/05 #76 Literature

  • Older Generation: Dr. Richard Geldard, Expert on Emerson
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Toran Isom, UALR Professor of Rhetoric & Writing
  • Younger Generation: Larry Betz, UALR Graduate Assistant

3/1/05 #75 Philanthropy

  • Middle Generation: Pat Lile, President and CEO of Arkansas Community Foundation
  • Younger Generation: Bjorn Stromsness, Director of the Community Foundation Silicon Valley Venture Fund

2/15/05 #74 Addictions

  • Older Generation: Mel Delaney
  • Middle Generation: Gladys Kirkland
  • Younger Generation: Dr. Brookes Gentry

2/1/05 #73 Police

  • Older Generation: Col. Bill Miller (Ret), Director of the AR State Police from 1949-1975
  • Middle Generation: Officer Terry Hastings
  • Younger Generation: Officer Scott Romine

1/18/05 #72 Hospitals

  • Older Generation: Dr. Harry Ward
  • Middle Generation: Rick Wade of the American Hospital Association
  • Younger Generation: Jill Massiet

1/4/05 #71 Neighborhood Life

  • Older Generation: Carey May Parlin
  • Middle Generation: Marney Hogen
  • Younger Generation: Shelley Fleisch-Djurica

12/21/04 #70 Money

  • Older Generation: Homer Jones
  • Middle Generation: Mary Ann Campbell of Money Magic CFP
  • Younger Generation: Tom Gardner of NPR’s “The Motley Fool Radio Show”

12/7/04 #69 Suicide

  • Older Generation: Dr David A. Lipschitz, UAMS Department Chair of Geriatrics and Host of the PBS series, “Aging Successfully with Dr. David”
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Terry Richard, UALR Department Head of Anthropology, Sociology and Gerontology
  • Younger Generation: Dr. Lanny Berman, Executive Director of the American Association of Suicidology

11/16/04 #68 Art

  • Older Generation: Robert Eshridge, Dirrctor of Museum Education at the Chicago Institute of Art
  • Middle Generation: Katherine Strause, UALR Artist in Residence; katherinestrause@ualr.edu
  • Younger Generation: Brian Young , curator of Art at the AR Arts Center

11/2/04 #67 Election Nights

  • Older Generation: Bob Blount
  • Middle Generation: Judge Larry Williams of Garland County
  • Younger Generation: Alice Stewart, KARK weekend Anchor and Reporter

10/26/04 #66 Conservatism

  • Older Generation: Bob Blount
  • Middle Generation: Gilbert Baker, AR State Senator (R)
  • Younger Generation: Princella Smith, MTV Contest Winner and Speaker at NRC in August

10/5/04 #65 Liberalism

  • Older Generation: Senator George McGovern, 1972 Presidential Candidate
  • Middle Generation: Neil Selly of ACORN
  • Younger Generation: W.L. Moody, Kerry/Edwards Organizer

9/16/04 #64 Country Music

  • Older Generation: Gene Williams of KARK’s “Gene Williams Country Music Show”
  • Middle Generation: Charlie Fox of Classic Country KASN
  • Younger Generation: Steve Feris, AR State Representative

9/7/04 #63 Terrorism

  • Older Generation: Dr. Dick Bennet, UA Professor Emeritus
  • Middle Generation: Col. Wayne Ruthven, Director of Arkansas Emergency Management
  • Younger Generation: Amy Proctor, UALR Graduate Assistant

8/17/04 #62 High School Days

  • Older Generation: Alan and Betty Bullard, LRCH class of 1944 and 1947
  • Middle Generation: Gale Morris, Communications Manager at the AR Department of Education
  • Younger Generation: Megan Buhrow and Megan Alexander, Seniors at Lakeside High School

8/3/04 #61 Environment

  • Older Generation: Dr. Joe Nix
  • Middle Generation: Richard Greene, Bush-Appointed Region 6 Administrator of the EPA
  • Younger Generation: Michael Warner

7/20/04 #60 Divorce

  • Older Generation: Mel Delaney, Counselor
  • Middle Generation: Victor Werner, Director of the Family Service Agency
  • Younger Generation: Rachelle Davis

7/6/04 #59 Space Program

  • Older Generation: Dr. Axel Roth, Associate Director of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Keith Hudson of UALR
  • Younger Generation: Robert Sproles of UALR

6/15/04 #58 Architecture

  • Older Generation: Dr. John Williams, Founder of the UA School of Architecture (1946)
  • Middle Generation: David McKee
  • Younger Generation: Reese Rowland

6/1/04 #57 Fun Things to Do

  • Older Generation: Dr. Marvin Cohen, age 83
  • Middle Generation: Priscilla Totten, Senior Editor at USA Weekend Magazine
  • Younger Generation: John Lovett, Writer for the Hot Springs Sentinel Record

5/18/04 #56 Women's Thoughts on Men

  • Older Generation: Margaret Kolb, age 83
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Juliana Flinn of UALR
  • Younger Generation: Sarah Danley, UALR Campus Life Specialist

5/4/04 #55 Men's Thoughts on Women

  • Older Generation: Homer Jones
  • Middle Generation: David Barham of the AR Democrat Gazette
  • Younger Generation: Peter Martin, Contributing Editor to Esquire Magazine

4/20/04 #54 Remembering the Civil War

  • Older Generation: James M. McPherson, Author and Historian
  • Middle Generation: Mike Hardage
  • Younger Generation: Will Hardage and Heather Register

4/6/04 #53 Diets and Dieting

  • Older Generation: Irene Wassell
  • Middle Generation: Donna Quimby
  • Younger Generation: Roya Nashadpour

3/16/04 #52 Race Relations: White Perspective

  • Older Generation: Brownie Ledbetter
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Linda Alcoff, Author
  • Younger Generation: Kristee Bailey

3/2/04 #51 Rural Life

  • Older Generation: Gerald Oakes
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Terry Richard of UALR
  • Younger Generation: Allisyn Woodrow

2/17/04 #50 Prescription Drugs

  • Older Generation: Nell Oneal
  • Middle Generation: Bob McQuade
  • Younger Generation: Maya MacGuineas, Author and Journalist

2/3/04 #49 Science Fiction

  • Older Generation: Dr. Steve Anderson of UALR
  • Middle Generation: Scott Coon
  • Younger Generation: Teresa Coon

1/20/04 #48 Discipline

  • Older Generation: Dr. Lenora Poe, Author
  • Middle Generation: Elizabeth Sherwin
  • Younger Generation: Sarah Campbell

1/6/04 #47 Immigration

  • Older Generation: Nina Kupitsky
  • Middle Generation: Mike Kupitsky
  • Younger Generation: Vladislov Merkulov
  • Younger Generation: Russ Knocke, Press Secretary for the US Department of Homeland Security-Immigration (Bush Administration)

12/16/03 #46 Christmas Shopping

  • Older Generation: Billie Dougherty
  • Middle Generation: Barbara Freeling
  • Younger Generation: Jesse Banks

12/2/03 #45 Debt

  • Older Generation: Evelyn Wren
  • Middle Generation: Linda Tucker
  • Younger Generation: Tiffany Burch

11/13/03 #44 Family Life

  • Older Generation: Harriet Alonso, Author
  • Middle Generation: Charles Deville
  • Younger Generation: Laren Dyer

11/4/03 #43 Voting

  • Older Generation: John B. Anderson, Former Presidential Candidate
  • Middle Generation: Pam Ratliff
  • Younger Generation: Tiffnae Currenton

10/21/03 #42 Poetry

  • Older Generation: Peggy Vinning
  • Older Generation: Galway Kinnell, Pulitzer Prize Winner for Poetry
  • Middle Generation: Ralph Burns of UALR
  • Younger Generation: Jenni Emmerson

10/7/03 #41 Classical Music

  • Older Generation: Ray Moore
  • Middle Generation: William Vickery
  • Younger Generation: Izzy Getzov, Asst. Conductor of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra

9/11/03 #40 Cars

  • Older Generation: John Hollansworth
  • Middle Generation: Paul Fox
  • Younger Generation: Leland Schumacher

9/2/03 #39 Working

  • Older Generation: Henry Frank
  • Middle Generation: Mike Wingfield
  • Younger Generation: Teresa Dow

8/19/03 #38 Opera

  • Older Generation: Homer Jones
  • Middle Generation: Lisa Simeone
  • Younger Generation: Alison Moritz, Host of NPR’s “World of Opera”

8/5/03 #37 Shopping

  • Older Generation: Mae Horn
  • Middle Generation: Rene Stephens
  • Younger Generation: Sally Chapman

7/10/03 #36 Native American Life

  • Older Generation: Daniel Littlefield
  • Middle Generation: Bob Sanderson
  • Younger Generation: Stuart Hoahwah

7/1/03 #35 Unions

  • Older Generation: Bill Lundy
  • Middle Generation: David Marsh
  • Younger Generation: Tim Nichols

6/17/03 #34 Father's Day

  • Older Generation: Ray Mariage
  • Middle Generation: Pastor Elvin Jackson
  • Younger Generation: Jonathon Johnson

6/3/03 #33 Weddings

  • Older Generation: Dr. Dorothy Truex
  • Middle Generation: Ann Willis
  • Younger Generation: Jenn Maher

5/20/03 #32 Arkansas

  • Older Generation: Rev. Don Campbell
  • Middle Generation: Beth Ann Rankin, former Miss Arkansas

5/1/03 #31 Motherhood

  • Older Generation: Peggy Vinning
  • Middle Generation: Kathy DeLone
  • Younger Generation: Paula Schmidt

4/15/03 #30 Farming

  • Older Generation: B.F. McGraw
  • Middle Generation: John McGraw
  • Younger Generation: John Allen McGraw

4/1/03 #29 Comedy

  • Older Generation: Jeff Jones of the Comedy Club
  • Middle Generation: Russ Nagle, Comedian

3/18/03 #28 Health Insurance

  • Older Generation: John Hartnedy, Former Insurance Commissioner
  • Middle Generation: Kevin Ryan
  • Younger Generation: Mike Pickens, Insurance Commissioner

3/4/03 #27 Dating

  • Older Generation: Pauline Jegley
  • Middle Generation: Shelia Thomas
  • Younger Generation: Tom Jaffee of Five-Minute Dating

2/18/03 #26 Presidents

  • Older Generation: Helen Thomas, of the UPI -Washington Post and White House
  • Older Generation: Paul Greenberg and Political Editor for the AR Democrat Gazette
  • Middle Generation: Margaret Scranton, UALR Professor of Political Science
  • Younger Generation: Michael Franks

1/30/03 #25 Nursing

  • Older Generation: Sandra Brown
  • Middle Generation: Jackie Thorne
  • Younger Generation: Jenny Owens

1/21/03 #24 Popular Music

  • Older Generation: David Miller, Host of NPR’s “Swinging Down the Lane”
  • Middle Generation: John Benson of Kool95
  • Younger Generation: “Broadway Joe” Booker, DJ

1/6/03 #23 Home Ownership

  • Middle Generation: Jim Miles
  • Younger Generation: Joel Baker

12/24/02 #22 Christmas at Home

  • Older Generation: Claire Rolloson
  • Middle Generation: Bob Lawrence
  • Younger Generation: Patrick McCrouden

11/26/02 #21 Friendship

  • Older Generation: Dr. Perry Thompson
  • Middle Generation: Sue Owens
  • Younger Generation: Eileen Turan

11/14/02 #20 Fashion

  • Older Generation: Willie Oates, the AR Hat Lady
  • Middle Generation: Rhonda Overby of ElleBoutique
  • Younger Generation: Amy Astley

10/31/02 #19 Public Service

  • Older Generation: Gov. Sid McMath
  • Middle Generation: Dr.A.J. English, UALR Department of History
  • Younger Generation: Tony Rose of the Little Rock School Board

9/26/02 #18 American Dream

  • Older Generation: Ernest Joshua
  • Middle Generation: Margaret McEntire of Candy Boutique
  • Younger Generation: Peter Brave, Executive Chef

9/3/02 #17 College

  • Older Generation: Dr. Dorothy Truex, First Female Chancellor of UALR
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Lowell Hightower, Principal of Fountain Lake High School
  • Younger Generation: Kyle Pitts

8/6/02 #16 Smoking

  • Older Generation: Russ Rawn
  • Middle Generation: Gary Wheeler
  • Younger Generation: Tiffnae Currington

7/2/02 #15 Reading

  • Older Generation: Former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Susan Newman, Assistant Secretary of Education for Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Younger Generation: Clay Sherod, Student

6/3/02 #14 The Movies

  • Older Generation: David Green
  • Middle Generation: Werner Trieschman, AR Democrat-Gazette Entertainment Editor
  • Younger Generation: David Dortch, Student

5/6/02 #13 Work Ethics

  • Older Generation: Bob Willett of NASA
  • Middle Generation: Robert Mantione
  • Younger Generation: Trey Payne

4/1/02 #12 Baseball

  • Older Generation: Bill Valentine, Owner of the AR Travelers
  • Middle Generation: Adam Benis, Pro-Pitcher
  • Younger Generation: Phil Elson, Baseball Announcer

3/4/02 #11 Heroes

  • Older Generation: Annie Abrhams
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Andrew Eshlman, UALR Professor
  • Younger Generation: Alan Earnhardt

2/4/02 #10 Technology

  • Older Generation: Bob Willett of NASA
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Yo-Po Chan, UALR Professor
  • Younger Generation: Michael Herring, Student AHSMS

1/8/02 #9 Investing

  • Older Generation: Jay Hill
  • Middle Generation: Bob Williams of Delta Trust
  • Younger Generation: Michael Franks of Morgan Stanley

12/4/01 #8 Holidays

  • Older Generation: Irene Wassell, Food Editor for the AR Democrat-Gazette
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Steve Dennis
  • Younger Generation: Kristie Woods, Student

10/1/01 #7 War

  • Special Guest: Gen. Wesley Clark(Retired), Former NATO Commander

9/27/01 #6 Critical Events In American History

  • Older Generation: Dr. Johanna Miller-Lewis, UALR History Department Head
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Terry Richard, UALR Professor of Sociology

8/30/01 #5 Our Changing Primetimes

  • Older Generation: Bobbi Rawlins of KTHV
  • Middle Generation: Martha Hendrix of KARK
  • Younger Generation: Kila Williams, Student

8/2/01 #4 The Great American Vacation

  • Older Generation: Jerry Quick
  • Middle Generation: Joe David Rice, AR Department of Tourism
  • Younger Generation: Viki Kapaun

6/28/01 #3 Patriotism

  • Older Generation: Morris Lewis
  • Middle Generation: Christopher Battle
  • Younger Generation: Collin Thrash

5/3/01 #2 Race Relations: the Black Perspective

  • Older Generation: Dr. Terrence Roberts of the Little Rock Nine
  • Middle Generation: Ernest Brown of the NAACP
  • Younger Generation: Nattalie Maddox, Student

2/1/01 #1 Parenting

  • Older Generation: Dr. Perry Thompson, UALR Professor of Gerontology
  • Middle Generation: Dr. Terry Richard, UALR Professor of Sociology
  • Younger Generation: April Robertson, Student

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