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Virtual Prelab Exp. 8b                                                                                (name)



Experiment 8b: Titration of an unknown solid acid

Fourth Virtual Laboratory


This Lab can be accessed at following Link:


If you forgot your password, type in any pass word, and then follow the register again link.  Once you get to the site, open up the Fourth Virtual Lab: Experiment 8 Postlab, Exercise I.  You will need to determine KA and the molar mass of your unknown.   If you forgot your unknown number it is posted on the classroom bulletin board.


Your report needs to include:


a. Unknown number_______


b. Ka of your unknown acid______



c. Molar Mass of your unknown acid______



This is a rather challenging assignment because you have no idea of what mass (or volume) of acid you need.   Before you begin you should review the Tips: for Experiment 8B.  It is strongly encouraged that you work with fellow students in the computing lab.