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Virtual Postlab Exp. 9                                                                         (name)


Solubility Product Virtual Laboratory

Thermodynamic Calculations


This Lab can be accessed from Dr. Belford's homepage:

Open: Sixth Lab: Solubility Product Lab



Your report needs to include:


1.  This sheet of paper as cover page or an appropriate cover page

2.  Unknown Number on cover sheet

3.  Value of K at room temperature.  Show math

4.  Value of DG0 at room temperature (show math)

5.  Value of K and DG0 at 95oC .  You can change the temperature by right clicking on the flask and choosing the thermal properties setting.  You must specify the temperature and show the math.

6.  Value of DS0 , show math.

7.   Value of DH0 , show math.



Note: You do not use pH to calculate ion concentrations.  They are given by the virtual lab.  Also, you can determine the formula of the salt from the charge of the ion.  If the salt had a cation of +2 (C+2) and an anion of -1 (A- ), then the formula is CA2 and the anion concentration if twice that of the cation as


            CA2  -->  C+2 +  2A-


Furthermore, for the above salt, the concentration of the anion would be twice that of the cation.