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Spring 2006                                                                             (name)

Virtual Lab Assignment # 2

Beer's Law Plot                                          ______________                  __________                    (Lab Section #)                  (Unknown #)



Using the Virtual Laboratory you need to create a Beer's Law plot of compound S5I and then using the plot you need to determine the concentration of your unknown.  Your unknown is far more concentrated than the stock solution and you need to dilute it down to an absorbance less than 1.0 for the Spec 20 to give an acceptable measurement.



Hand in this sheet as your cover page:


1.  Your Beer's Law Plot done in Excel (do a linear fit with "set Y intercept = 0 option)


2.  A quick typed statement (50 words or less) of how you diluted your unknown.



3. The absorbance of your diluted unknown____________.



4.  The concentration of your diluted unknown___________



5.  The concentration of the actual unknown (before dilution)___________.