CHEM 4399/5399                             CHEMICAL SAFETY                      FALL, 2004




Dr. Robert Belford;   Office: SCLB 277   Tel: 569-8824  E-Mail:

Dr. Ali Shaikh            Office: SCLB 455   Tel: 569-8837 E-Mail:


Meeting Time:  11:00 a.m –11:50 a.m. MW in SCLB 263; Lectures are Online.


Lecture Text: Prudent Practices in the Laboratory, National Academy Press, 1995


Lecture Syllabus: See Handout


Pre-requisite: Consent of the instructors


Grading Scheme:  


1. Ten quizzes will be given, one each week (on Mondays) as described below. Each

    quiz is worth 60 points. All quizzes must be taken at scheduled times, unless you have a

    medical or other emergencies which you must notify the instructor promptly by a

    telephone call and then support them with proper documents (such as the doctor’s re

    port, accident report, etc.).


    Topic and Online Discussion Time                                                       Quiz Date


   Introduction to safety (September 12 through 18)                                    September 20

   How are we exposed to chemicals? (Sept 19 - 25)                                   Sept 27

   How can we evaluate the hazards of the materials (Sept 26 - Oct 2)        Oct 4

   How do I use equipment properly? (Oct 3 – 9)                                        Oct 11

   How do I handle and manage chemicals (Oct 10 – 16)                             Oct 18

   How can I minimize generation of waste? (Oct 17 – 23)                          Oct 25

   How do I handle the waste generated? (Oct 24 – 30)                               Nov 1

   How can I prevent accident? (Oct 31 – Nov 6)                                        Nov 8

   How can I respond to an emergency? (Nov 7 – 13)                                  Nov 15

   What rules and regulations cover my work? (Nov 14 – 20)                       Nov 22


2. Four written assignments, each worth 50 points, to be submitted on or before the due

    dates as described below.


    (a) Introduction to the course (literature search, etc.)                               Sept 22

    (b) How does a prudent person plan a laboratory experiment?                  Oct 13

    (c) How does a prudent person manage chemicals and dispose of waste

         to minimize risk from and exposure to hazardous materials?                Nov 3

    (d) How does a prudent person prevent and respond to an emergency

          in the laboratory?                                                                               Nov 24

CHEM 4399/5399                                    Course Syllabus                                      Page 2



3. Two written project reports, each worth 100 points, to be submitted on or before the

    due dates as described below.


(a)   Inspection of a research/teaching laboratory in terms of compliance with EPA/OSHA regulations.       (Dec 1)

(b)  Developing a Chemical Hygiene Plan based on your knowledge and understanding

      of the course material.   (Dec 8)


    TOTAL = 1000 points


    Grading Scale:   900 pts and above = A;   800 - 899 pts = B;  700 – 799 pts = C;

600                  - 699 pts = D; below 600 pts = F.


4. UALR Policy on Disables Students: It is the policy of UALR to accommodate

    students with disabilities, pursuant to the Federal and State laws. Any disabled student

    who needs accommodation, for example, in seating placement or in arrangement for

    examination should inform the instructor at the beginning of the course. The chair of

    the department offering the course is also available to assist with the accommodation.

    Disabled students are also encouraged to contact the Office of Disabled Students,

    which is located in the Donaghey Student Center, Room 103, telephone 569-3143.