Dr. Marc S. Seigar

Astrophysics Research Group

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Image credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Harvard-Smithsonian CfA/NOAO

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Electronic access to Journals/Preprints
ADS (US or French site) Abstracts from the major Astronomy journals.
Astro-ph (Main interface or search) Astro-ph preprint database at LANL.
American Physical Society Physical Review, Physical Review Letters & Reviews of Modern Physics
A&A Astronomy and Astrophysics.
A&A Review Astronomy and Astrophysics Review.
AJ Astronomical Journal
ApJ Astrophysical Journal (including Letters and Supplement).
CDS A&AS and PASP abstracts.
MNRAS Monthly Notices of the RAS.
PASP Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
LINK Springer's LINK service (electronic access to many of its journals).

AAO Australia
Calar Alto Spain<
CTIO Chile
ESO Chile
LCO Chile or USA
ING Cambridge or La Palma
IRTF Hawaii
JAC Hawaii
Jodrell Bank UK
UK ATC Edinburgh
SAAO Cape Town

Proposal Submission/Information
AAO Full proposal information Australian
ING PATT proposals UK site
ESO Full proposal information HQ site
NOAO/CTIO Full proposal information US site
UKIRT PATT proposals Hawaii site
Service proposals Hawaii site

ASAS The All-Sky Automated Survey - photometric monitoring of ~10^7 stars brighter than 14th magnitude.
Astronomy Meetings (Canadian site) A list of Astronomy meetings. It's well organised.
Cataclysmic Binaries (electronic catalogue) The 6th Edition of the Catalogue of Cataclysmic Binaries, Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries and Related Objects
CCP7 Tools for calculating theoretical models suitable for the interpretation of stellar and interstellar spectra.
CDS Strasbourg Astronomical data centre.
DRAGNs An atlas of radio galaxies (and the like) at Jodrell Bank
DSS (STScI) Access to the Digitised Sky Survey
Dwarf star hi-res spectra A library of high-resolution UES echelle spectra of F, G, K and M field dwarf stars
Hipparcos Access to the Hipparcos and Tycho catalogues
LEDAS Leicester Database and Archive Service
NED NASA Extragalactic Database
SIMBAD Set of Identifications, Measurements, and Bibliography for Astronomical Data at Strasbourg
Skyview Digitized images of the sky (available in virtually every waveband you could want).

It's Astronomy, but I can't think where to put itTM
CFD Resources for Computational Fluid Dynamics
IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical telegrams
AOAS The Arkansas/Oklahoma Astronomical Society
NETLIB Public domain (I think) mathematical software/papers/databases (also see SLATEC)
Statistical Software Want freely available statistical software in Fortran/C/whatever and have a morning to waste?
HSAA Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics, now available on the web

Pretty pictures & NASA missions
NASA news (US site) The latest news from NASA
NASA (US site) The Home Page for NASA
HST (US site) The latest images from the Hubble Space Telescope
Galileo Project Galileo: Bringing Jupiter to Earth
Spizter Latest images from the Spitzer Space Telescope
Fotosearch Astronomy images including photographs, illustrations, and footage

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Virgin Atlantic Worldwide destinations
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