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Unity MBC and CenArk MBSF have purchased property on the NE corner of Fair Park Blvd and 32nd Street where we plan to begin building an MBSF Student Center in 2006.  This page will continually be updated with current news and pictures about the project.





MBSF Center Concept Design

(820 KB)

This is a larger version of the picture above. The front tower is our welcome center that adjoins the main hallway and the director's office. The windows under the front veranda look directly into the meeting room. The front plaza opens up to the corner of Fair Park and 32nd Street.

MBSF Center Floorplan

(602 KB)

The MBSF Center will be 5,500 square feet in size. The main room will seat over 200 people for regular meetings and around 130-150 for banquet functions. The building will contains offices, kitchen, a large student lounge, restrooms, conference room / library, and storage.

MBSF Site Plan

(1.91 MB)

** Pending ** The MBSF Center will sit on the corner with a large patio area and landscaping in the front. A service entrance will be located by the kitchen. A few parking spots will be located next to the building with the rest placed behind the alley. A large green space will be preserved on the back lot.

View of MBSF Site

(425 KB)

This is a view of our MBSF property taken from the 5th floor of the UALR dorm. We are at the intersectionr of Fair Park Blvd and 32nd Street. Our MBSF center will be on the corner lot that has great visibility from three sides. We have purchased the property behind for parking.

UALR Map Inset w/ MBSF Location

(431 KB)

This map shows the area of campus where our property is located. The darker buildings exist now and the ones in white show UALR's planned construction. We are directly across the street from UALR's dormitory complex and a couple of blocks from the center of campus.

Future Student Commons at Fair Park & 32nd

(114 KB)

UALR hopes to build a new Student Commons building across from the MBSF center. This will house restaurants on the bottom floor, an outdoor cafe area, offices above, and dorm rooms on either end. The UALR transit will be located behind it.

View of UALR dormitory from MBSF site.

(514 KB)

Currently UALR has one dorm holding 350 students. By Fall of 2006, three smaller units will be built around the current dorm. When we open there will be 650 students living across the street. All future dorm expansion will occur in this area.

Design of New Dorms Under Construction.

(276 KB)

This is a rendering of the L-shaped, apartment style units being built around the current UALR dormitory. They will be open Fall of 2006. The Dormitory Commons building will sit between the three dorm buildings. It will have recreation, office, and a small meeting space.

View from MBSF site to Donaghey Student Center.

(524 KB)

On the left is the Donaghey Student Center. On the right is Mullins Library. The star represents the middle of campus from which all building expansion is planned. We are withing a 10 minute walk from all campus buildings.

UALR Planning Map

(482 KB)

This map show the finished master plan of the UALR campus. The six stars are the six "gateway" entrances to the campus. MBSF is located on a very high-traffic intersection. This map show the close proximity we have to our student population.

UALR Planning Map

(223 KB)

This map represents the basic expansion plan agreed upon by UALR after a two-year master planning process. We have acquired the corner piece to the future Faith Based Row.


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