Kenji Yoshigoe
Chair and Associate Professor of Computer Science
Director of the NSA/DHS Designated National Center of Academic Excellence in
Information Assurance and Cyber Defense (CAE-IA/CD)
, and
Director of UALR Computational Research Center (CRC)
Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2801 S. University Ave.
Little Rock AR 72204-1099

Office: EIT 579
Phone: +1 501 569 8138
Fax: +1 501 569 8144


Curriculum Vitae

My research explores various interconnected systems ranging from tightly-coupled high performance computing systems to resource-constrained wireless sensor networks to dynamically evolving social networks. I am currently investigating emerging issues of efficiently handling big data while protecting privacy and security on these systems in the age of analytics.

Teaching (Spring 2015):

CPSC 7343 Sensor Networks
CPSC 3391/4391 Co-op

My students:

Current graduate students:

  1. Maytham Hammood (Ph. D. student - expected graduation Spring 2015)
  2. James Joyce (Ph. D. student - expected graduation Spring 2015)
  3. Yue Zhao (Ph. D. student - expected graduation Spring 2015)
Previous graduate students:
  1. Ali Al-Uraiby, Spring 2013 (Network Analyst at Windstream Communications, TEKSystems)
    • Master Thesis: "Low-profile Wake-up Radio Mechanism for Resoruce-constrained Wireless Devices"
  2. Sangheetha Hebbar, Spring 2012
    • Master Project: "Real-time Stream Processing Using S4"
  3. William Hurst, Spring 2011 (HPC System Administrator, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Holland Computing Center, University of Nebraska at Lincoln)
    • Disssertation: "Modeling and Simulation of HPC Systems Through Job Scheduling Analysis"
  4. Zaenab Shakir, Summer 2011 (Instructor, Al-Muthanna University)
    • Master Thesis: "Adaptive Buffering Scheme To Reduce Packet Loss On Wireless Sensor Networks With Mobile Sink"
  5. Murat Al, Fall 2010 (Visiting Assistant Professor, University of North Florida)
    • Disssertation: "Energy-efficient and Secure Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks"
  6. Siva Kumar Gopu, Spring 2010
    • Master Project: "3D Computer Graphics for Future World"
  7. Shinya Ito, Spring 2007 (SQL/Web Developer, Partnership HealthPlan of California)
    • Master Thesis: "Consumed-Energy-Type-Aware Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks"
  8. Hua Qing, Spring 2007 (Client Server Developer/Analyst II, Verizon Wireless)
    • Master Project: "Adaptive QoS Admission Control for IEEE 802.11e Networks"
  9. Ahmed Mohammed, Spring 2005
    • Master Project: "A Multi-platform Video Conferencing Solution Using H.323 Protocol"


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