Kenji Yoshigoe
Chair and Associate Professor of Computer Science
Director of the NSA Designated Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance, and
Director of UALR Computational Research Center (CRC)
Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2801 S. University Ave.
Little Rock AR 72204-1099

Office: EIT 579
Phone: +1 501 569 8138
Fax: +1 501 569 8144

Curriculum Vitae

My research explores various interconnected systems ranging from tightly-coupled high performance computing systems to resource-constrained wireless sensor networks to dynamically evolving social networks. I am currently investigating emerging issues of efficiently handling big data while protecting privacy and security on these systems in the age of analytics.

Teaching (Fall 2014):
CPSC 3380 Operating Systems
CPSC 3391/4391 Co-op

My students:

Current graduate students:
  1. Maytham Hammood (Ph. D. student - expected graduation Fall 2014)
  2. James Joyce (Ph. D. student - expected graduation Spring 2015)
  3. Yue Zhao (Ph. D. student - expected graduation Spring 2015)
Previous graduate students:
  1. Ali Al-Uraiby, Spring 2013 (Network Analyst at Windstream Communications, TEKSystems)
    • Master Thesis: "Low-profile Wake-up Radio Mechanism for Resoruce-constrained Wireless Devices"
  2. Sangheetha Hebbar, Spring 2012
    • Master Project: "Real-time Stream Processing Using S4"
  3. William Hurst, Spring 2011 (HPC System Administrator, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Holland Computing Center, University of Nebraska at Lincoln)
    • Disssertation: "Modeling and Simulation of HPC Systems Through Job Scheduling Analysis"
  4. Zaenab Shakir, Summer 2011 (Instructor, Al-Muthanna University)
    • Master Thesis: "Adaptive Buffering Scheme To Reduce Packet Loss On Wireless Sensor Networks With Mobile Sink"
  5. Murat Al, Fall 2010 (Visiting Assistant Professor, University of North Florida)
    • Disssertation: "Energy-efficient and Secure Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks"
  6. Siva Kumar Gopu, Spring 2010
    • Master Project: "3D Computer Graphics for Future World"
  7. Shinya Ito, Spring 2007 (SQL/Web Developer, Partnership HealthPlan of California)
    • Master Thesis: "Consumed-Energy-Type-Aware Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks"
  8. Hua Qing, Spring 2007 (Client Server Developer/Analyst II, Verizon Wireless)
    • Master Project: "Adaptive QoS Admission Control for IEEE 802.11e Networks"
  9. Ahmed Mohammed, Spring 2005
    • Master Project: "A Multi-platform Video Conferencing Solution Using H.323 Protocol"


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