Types of rapes 


            There are said to be three different types of rape. Anger, Power, and Sadistic and they are broken down like this:


Anger rapes- this type of rape expresses hatred towards the victim and rage. This type of rapist wants the person to feel and understand his anger towards them, even though they may have not been the one to provoke the rage they need to take it out on someone and make them suffer as he has for past wrongs and rejections.


Power rapes- this type of rape wants to express power and domination over the victim. These rapists have a common fantasy of women who want them and resist there come-ons and then consent to sex. So when the fantasy is acted out and the victim doesn’t cooperate the fantasy becomes more about the domination or taking control over that person. In this way he is showing how very powerful, masculine, and sexually adequate he really is.


Sadistic rape- this rapist is obsessed with the ritual that goes along with the sex. This could be making the victim act out a part in some sort of role-play, it could involve mutilation, or torture as a means of getting the rapist excited. These rapists are the ones that wake women out of a dead sleep, scared to death for their lives.


Other types of rape include stranger rape, acquaintance rape, and marital rape.


Stranger rape- are rapes enacted by someone that is known to you.


Acquaintance rape- are rapes by someone that you know.  This is where date rape falls into play.


Marital rape- is the rape of your spouse.  It was once thought that once you consented to a marriage that you were obligated to serve your husband in any way he saw fit and this meant sexually.  But since the early eighties we have been passing laws state by state to try and change is control a man has over the sexually activity in the marriage.


Male Abuse and Rape


            The above link will take you to the common but often unreported phenomenon of the sexual assault and rape of men.


Prevention of rape


            There is no sure fire way of arming yourself against rape but there are a few precautions you can take to help lessen your chances of becoming a victim.



·        ·        Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

·        ·        Don’t go places you know are considered rough alone.

·        ·        Use the buddy system at night.

·        ·        Carry pepper spray or mace, and keep it somewhere accessible because a rapist will not wait for you to dig through your purse and find it.

·        ·        Take a self-defense course.

·        ·        Learn to have self-control at parties and other functions.

·        ·        Learn to use your voice and yell out “no” if you should ever need to.  























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