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Tailor-made Courses

English as a Second Language courses can be specifically designed to meet the needs of your groups - students, professionals, business people, employees. The program can be of any length, with or without homestay, with activities and events to meet your requirements.

Classroom activities can include:

  • guest speakers from any part of society/business/education
  • special interest seminar/discussion groups (photography, art, American society/business, current events, etc)

Social events can include:

  • welcome dinner
  • scheduled opportunities to meet Americans from all walks of life
  • sports activities
  • cultural events
  • a weekend trip to Memphis, Tennessee -home of Rock 'n' Roll and Elvis Presley or to Dallas, Texas - a large cosmopolitan city in the Heart of Texas
  • farewell ceremony and banquet

Please contact the Director for more information.

The cost of the program will vary according to the schedule and activities you require.

Intensive English Language Program
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Little Rock, AR 72204, USA
Telephone: 501-569-3468
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