Graduate Council
Minutes of meeting on December 12, 2001
Members Present: Bevernitz, Clowney, Dancy, Darsey, Edison, James-Barnes, Leslie, Lindsay, McAlpine, Minsker, Nahrwold, Plopper, Recken, Sikes, Strom, & Wayne

Members Absent: Edwards, 3rd representative from CBA; Spillers, COE; Al-Shukri, Sims, CISSE; CSAM; Fletcher, GSA
Ex-Officio: Hanson, Smith, Grad Sch  (Sheen absent)
Others Present: M. Robinson, TCED
1. Approval of minutes, November 14, 2201  Approved

2. Old Business  none

3. New Business:
a.  Report of Curriculum Sub-Committee:
 COE:  CARE Addition to Program Admission Requirements: Teaching the reading & writing of Braille is a requirement of the Rehab Teaching program.  Applicants to this emphasis area must have the ability to tactually or visually discriminate embossed Braille configurations and may use assistive devices as needed.  Students who are uncertain of their ability to meet this requirement and who wish to have this ability assessed, should contact the program coordinator. (Pat Smith) (tabled until next meeting)
 EDFN 8309 Applied Measurement in Research and Evaluation (Measurement in Research)  offered as needed in summers.   (NEW) Course covers the theoretical bases of measurement in education, applied measuring techniques, and practical approaches to the design and analysis of data collection instruments. Topics include psychometrics, scale construction, instrument design, data analysis of surveys and other instruments, models of evaluation, and internet resources. (Newt Suter)
 EDLR 1) Program title change from Instructional Resources in Education (IRED) to Learning Systems Technology (LSTE).

  2) Degree plan changes to reflect the new title to the program.

  3) Change all prefixes for all existing courses. (11 grad courses):
  LSTE 7101, 7201, 7301; 7240; 7302; 7305; 7306; 7308; 7309; 7310; 7320; 7350; 7360 all changing from IRED prefix.

  4) Change titles:
  LSTE  7305 Survey of Computer-based Learning Systems (from IRED 7305 Computer Applications in Education)
  LSTE  7306 Digital Photography & Learning Systems (from IRED 7306 Photographic Applications in Education)
  LSTE 7308 Digital Television & Learning Systems (from IRED 7308 Television Applications in Instruction)
  LSTE  7309 Administration of Learning Systems Technology (from IRED 7309 Administration of Instructional Resources)
  LSTE 7310 Systematic Integration of Technology in Learning Settings (from IRED 7310 Interactive Technology)
  LSTE 7320 Intranet & Internet Learning Systems (from IRED 7320 Advanced Instructional Technology)

  5) Delete:
  IRED 7307 Production of Instructional Resources
 All the above items (not tabled) were approved.

b. Report of Personnel Sub-Committee – no agenda items

4. Other Business:
a. Report of Program Review Committee: Recken reported 10 program reviews to conduct.  The SubCommittee is getting organized.  Should have one program review per meeting.  Committee met on December 5, 2001.
b. Discussion of Graduate Academic Code: Discussion of the GAC.  Recken recommended that the Council adopt GAC.  Dean Hanson commented on the document. GAC was passed and will be sent to Faculty Senate.

5. Dean’s Report: 1) RE: Program Proposals:  Provost must receive an assessment portion of the “pre-proposal” endorsed by the Graduate Council. Plopper and Minsker dissented.  2) Graduate Catalogs will be ready in January.

(next scheduled meeting is set for January 23, 2002)