Minutes of meeting on September 19, 2001

Members Present: Al-Shukri, Bevernitz, Clowney, Dancy, Edison, Edwards, Fletcher, James-Barnes, Leslie, Lindsay, McAlpine, Minsker, Nahrwold, Plopper, Recken, Sikes, Sims, Spillers, Strom, Wayne

Members Absent: Representative from CBA; Darsey, CSAM
Ex-Officio: Hanson, Sheen, Grad Sch
Others Present: Guest: Joachim Ninaus, University of Graz, Austria

1. Approval of minutes, September 5, 2001  Approved

2. Old Business:  Deadline for submission of items for this year  (01-02) was set at April 15, 2002.

3. New Business:
 a. Report of Curriculum Sub-Committee
  HIST 4315/5315 (cross-listed with Philosophy as RELS 4315/5315)  Approved

  GRAD SCH: Deletion of 22 LIBS courses still on the books from the Library Science program    which was phased out by 1991.  Sent back to have Library faculty send it forward.

  TCED:  Revision of degree requirements to meet new licensure standards. Withdrawn

  ELED 8301 Curriculum Design and Evaluation (deletion)  Approved
  SPED 7102, 7202, 7302  Graduate Workshop (chg number & title from 5102, 5202, 5302     Workshop)  Approved

  ASCI: Addition of emphasis area, Applied Biosciences, to existing MS degree program.     (insertion of two items into the program description)  Tabled until next meeting

  CPSC Modify core residency requirements for MS for Fall 20.1  Approved
   7391 Cooperative Education (new course)  Approved

Motion: After November 1, 2001, all curricular items from DCISSE will be considered by the Graduate Council only after approval by DCISSE Graduate Committee(s).  Motion was approved by the Council with one 'nay' vote.

 b. Report of Personnel Sub-Committee
  Djouadi, Seddik M. PhD, Asst Prof, Systems Engineering.
  Guffey, Marsha, PhD, Asst Prof, Institute of Government, Public Administration
  Liu, Xian, PhD, Asst Prof, Systems Engineering
  Nahrwold, Cynthia, PhD, Asst Prof, Rhetoric & Writing
  Winn, Mylon, PhD, Assoc Prof & Grad Coord., Institute of Government, Public Administration
   All approved

Harris, Lyman B., PhD, Adj Prof, CARE, Rehabilitation Counseling, to teach a course and  provide on-site supervision for student in Russellville, from July 15, 2001 to November  30, 2001.
Stein, Mary Kathryn, MEd in Gifted and Talented, PCSSD teacher, to teach in place of faculty  member on OCDA, for fall semester to end December 31, 2001.
Stodola, Mark, JD, Attorney, to teach MKTG 8208 in the EMBA program from May to December  31, 2001.
   Harris and Stodola were approved for adjunct status.  Stein was moved to special status.

Divers-White, Beverly, EdD, Senior Program Manager-Education for Foundation for the Mid  South, serve on dissertation committee for Lloyd Sain for EDAS from May 2001 to  December 31, 2001.
 Fuller, William, MSW, Clinical Social Worker, Lakewood Behavioral Health, Lecturer in  Social  Work to teach several courses in Social Work, for 3 years from 1/01/to 1/04.
Mastro, Lois, EdD, School Business Administrator, Gowanda Central School Dist, New York, to  teach as Adjunct Asst Prof in EDAS for 9 mos - 8/16/01 to 5/15/02.
   All were approved including Stein who was moved to special status.

4. Other Business

5. Dean's Report:  1) for the 3rd time, Graduate enrollment reached about 1800 students.  SSCH's declined  approximately 7% however.  2) Dr. Stevenson and Dr. Hanson are contacting programs about upcoming  reviews.  It will be a busy spring.  Programs are busy doing their self-studies this fall.  3) New Program  Proposals, per ADHE guidelines, must now have an assessment plan attached or the proposal will not  leave the Provost's Office.  4) Dean Hanson has polled the graduate programs about the option of setting  electronic advising flags for their students.  Approximately half of the programs wanted the flags.   This information has been sent to the Registrar's office so that flags will be set for those programs who wish it,  beginning with registration for spring 2002.  Also, degree audit with pre-requisites noted is in the process of  being set-up.  Jimmy Greer is now working with Records and Registration in this capacity.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:05p

Next meeting will be October 10, 2001