Minutes of September 4, 2002


Members Present:                H. Al-Shukri, G. Anderson, J. Bailey, E. Bashaw, A. Bevernitz, S. Clowney, J. Darsey, S. Edison, M. Garnett, A. Hunt, M. James-Barnes, A. Lindsay, K. McKinnon, S. Minksker, C. Narhwold, B. Plopper, B. Sikes, S. Strom, J. Wayne, W. Williams, S. Wilson


Members Absent:                D. McAlpine


Others Present:                     R. Hanson, K. Smith, Grad Sch


The meeting was called to order at 3:05 pm by Hanson.  Pete Tschumi, Assembly President, presided over election of chair.  Dr. Wayne was elected by acclimation.  Dr. Sikes was elected Vice Chair.


Review of last year’s business and issues.

Hanson stated that the curriculum sub committee will need to review the proposal for the statewide consortium, which includes a partnership with UAMS.


The proposal to cooperate with the UAMS College of Public Health and the Graduate School is currently under consideration. 


UALR was asked to develop a PhD in Bioinformatics.  We will initiate proposals at UALR.


UALR will partner with UAMS in the Bridges Program for minority students.  Students must be in the area of biomedical research.


Members formed sub committees for curriculum, personnel, and program review.  The committees are as follows.  The personnel sub committee will select a chair and report back to the council.





B. Sikes, Chair

J. Darsey

B. Plopper, Chair

H. Al-Shukri

S. Edison

G. Anderson

E. Bashaw,

K. McKinnon

A. Hunt

S. Clowney

S. Minsker, Chair

S. Strom

M. James-Barnes

W. Williams

S. Wilson

A. Lindsay

D. McAlpine


M. Garnett




The next meeting is September 18, 2002, at 3 p.m. in the Graduate School Conference Room.