Graduate Council
Minutes of meeting on April 24, 2002
Members Present: Bailey, Clowney, Dancy, Fletcher, Garnett, James-Barnes, Hanson, Lindsay, McAlpine, Minsker, Plopper, Recken, Sikes, Sims, Spillers, Strom, & Wayne

Members Absent: Edison, Edwards, CBA; Al-Shukri, CISSE; Bevernitz, CPS; Darsey, Leslie, CSAM
Ex-Officio: Sheen, Smith, Grad Sch
Others Present: Craw, Robertson, AOG-Pub Adm; Gentry, AuSp; Faust, SW; Brenton, CPS

1. Approval of minutes, April 10, 2002: approved

2. Old Business: none

3. New Business:
a. Report of Curriculum Sub-Committee:
RHET 4317/5317 Advanced Nonfiction Writing (chg title from Advanced Expository Writing)
  4347-5347 Topics in Nonfiction Writing (chg title from Topics in Expository Writing)
Graduate Certificate in Conflict Mediation
SPCH 7323 Conflict Analysis and Intervention (new)
  7324 Negotiation (new)
PADM 7341 Managing Public Disputes (new)
Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management
Audiology/Speech Path Curriculum Changes:
AUSP 7282 Learning Disabilities
 7292 Multiculturalism
 7366 Advanced Anatomy for Speech
 7367 Infant-toddler Communication
 7368 Dysphagia
AUSP: 7191-7691 Practicum (chg title from Practicum in Speech & Hearing Therapy and chg desc)
 7261 Organization & Admin in Clinical Prog (chg number from 7361 and chg desc)
 7270 Fluency Disorders (chg number & title from 7370 Stuttering Seminar)
 7273 Neurogenic Speech Disorders (chg number from 7373 & chg desc)
 7275 Craniofacial Special Disorders (chg number & title from 7375Communication Disorders Related to Orofacial Structural Disorders & chg desc)
 7276 Voice Disorders (chg number from 7376 and chg desc)
 7294 Augmentative & Alternative Communication (chg number & title from 7394 Augmentative & Alternative Communication Nodes)
 7360 Research Methods in Communicative Disorders (chg title from Intro to Graduate Study in Communicative Disorders)
 7363 Sociolinguistics (chg title from Socio-and Psycho-Linguistics)
 7365 Counseling in Communication Disorders (chg title from Interpersonal Interaction in Communication Therapy)
 7371 Neurogenic Language Disorders (chg title from Speech & Language Habilitation for the adult aphasic and chg desc)
 7372 Advanced Articulation Disorders (chg title from Articulation Disorders)
 7380 Basic Diagnostic Audiology (chg title from Audiology & chg desc)
 7382 Electrophysiologic Assessment of the Auditory System (chg title from Assessment of Auditory Disorders and chg desc)
 7383 Medical Audiology (chg title from Hearing Disorders & chg desc)
 7384 Amplification (chg title from Amplification for the Hearing Impaired)
 7385 Audiologic Rehabilitation: Children (chg title from Aural Rehabilitation: Children and chg desc)
 7386 Audiologic Rehabilitation: Adults (chg title from Aural
 7388 Advanced Hearing Science (chg title from Psycho-acoustics and chg desc)

 7381 Survey of Speech and Language: Training for the acoustically handicapped.
  All items from AuSp were approved as requested

b. Report of Personnel Sub-Committee: none

c. Report of Program Review Sub-Committee:  Reports of the program reviews were submitted on three programs: Criminal Justice, Adult Education and Rehabilitation: Orientation & Mobility.
  All reports were approved.  Official letters will be sent to Dr. Stevenson, Associate Vice Chancellor.

4. Other Business: none

5. Deanís Report:  1) Dean Hanson deferred to Patty Sheen for the first report.  Patty related to the Council she is retiring in July after 30 years at UALR, 14 of which have been with the Graduate School and Graduate Council.  Council acknowledged this with applause and appreciation for all the work. 2) Dean Hanson told the Council that GA tuition is used up for this year.  We will not be able to assist for summer.  More departments have used GAís for which Graduate School covers tuition appropriately if department is using regular funds.  Changes in GA handling are being considered for new fiscal year.  3)  The Dean encouraged everyone to attend the Assembly meeting Thursday, 4/25/02 at 2 p.m. in DKSN auditorium.  Chancellor will be sharing information about budget cuts, etc.  4) Graduate Academic Code has been received from Legal with a few changes.  Senate has had their final meeting this year, therefore, this will be sent to the Senate in the fall.  5) Discussion on prerequisite checks on Banner and the problems involved.  The Dean asked for interest in having someone from Records and Registration meet with those interested to talk about this area.  The Dean was asked to get this underway.

 New tuition sheets were distributed to those interested.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50.

Next meeting, May 1, 2002 is the last scheduled meeting of the year.  Council will have lunch in Admin North 310 (Conference Room) from 12-1 p.m. with meeting following at 1 p.m..