Graduate Council
Minutes of meeting on April 10, 2002
Members Present: Bailey, Clowney, Dancy, Edison, Garnett, James-Barnes, Hanson, Leslie, Lindsay, Minsker, Plopper, Recken, Sikes, Sims, Spillers, Strom, & Wayne

Members Absent: McAlpine, AHSS; Edwards, CBA; Al-Shukri, CISSE; Bevernitz, CPS; Darsey, CSAM; Fletcher, GSA
Ex-Officio: Sheen, Smith, Grad Sch
Others Present: Glasgow, Wood, TCED

Dr. Recken, vice chair, presided in the absence of Dr. McAlpine, chair.  Recken asked that a motion be made to recognize those members of the Graduate Council who were selected for faculty excellence awards this year.  They are McAlpine and Al-Shukri for Public Service; Edison and Minsker for Teaching.  Motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

1. Approval of minutes, April 03, 2002: approved

2. Old Business: none

3. New Business:
a. Report of Curriculum Sub-Committee:
Revision of the Middle Childhood Education Masters Program

New Courses:
MCED 7312 Development of Young Adolescents
 7313 Middle Level Reflective Teaching
 7314 Teaching the Middle Level Exceptional Child in the Inclusive Classroom
 7315 Middle Level Curriculum and Pedagogy
 7317 Middle Level Literacy and Language Arts

MCED 7301 Teaching Middle School Mathematics (chg description)
 7302 Diagnosis and Remediation of Mathematics Learning Difficulties (chg description)
 7305 Teaching Mathematics to the Gifted (updated course outline)
 7316 Literature for Young Adolescents (chg from 7324 Literature for Urban Children)
 7330 Social Studies in the Middle School (chg description & updated course outline/ syllabus)
 All items from MCED approved as requested

 The Curriculum Sub-Committee brought up changes that may be needed in Curriculum Change Forms I & II.  The Sub-Committee will further review these forms.

b. Report of Personnel Sub-Committee:
Tang, Peiyi, PhD, Assoc Prof of Computer Science

Douglas, Marian S., MSE, Instructor, Chemistry, teach Chem 7390 and supervise graduate assistants as Freshman Programs Coordinator, to 3/31/05.
  Both were approved as requested.

c. Report of Program Review Sub-Committee: Recken noted the review of Public Administration.  This was approved and will be forwarded to Dr. Stevenson.

4. Other Business: none

5. Dean’s Report: 1) mention was made of the UALR/UAMS joint program for PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  Hanson, Anderson and Stevenson will be meeting with people from UAMS next week about this program.  2) We are expecting the Academic Code to be returned this week from the legal people at the System Office.  This has been reviewed and suggestions made.  3) Hanson told of his visit at UAMS with the Office of Research there and viewed the “paperless” process underway.  4) Note was made of the death of John Rickett, Grad Coordinator in Biology and a former Council member.  Dr. Rickett died on Saturday and had been active at UALR until recently.  Sikes noted that Rickett requested donations to go to the Biology Club.

Adjourned at 4:04 p.m.

Next meeting is in two weeks: April 24.   Deadline for materials to reach the Graduate School is April 15.