Graduate Council
Minutes of meeting on April 3, 2002
Members Present: Clowney, Dancy, Garnett, James-Barnes, Hanson, Lindsay, McAlpine, Minsker, Plopper, Recken, Sikes, Sims, Spillers, Strom, & Wayne

Members Absent: Edison, Edwards, CBA; Al-Shukri, CISSE; Bevernitz, CPS; Darsey, CSAM; Fletcher, GSA
Ex-Officio: Smith, Grad Sch
Others Present: Tom Guyette, Aud/Sp; K. Kuralt, Raymond, Rhet & Wrtg

1. Approval of minutes, March 13, 2002 Approved

2. Old Business: none

3. New Business:
a. Report of Curriculum Sub-Committee:
 AHSS: RHET 4305/5305 Document Design (new)
    4307/5307 Writing Software Documentation (new)
  removed from table.  Course content materials furnished.  Approved

 CSAM: BIOL 4424/5424 Entomology (chg from 3406) Approved

CISSE: SYEN 4353/5353   Advanced Digital Communications (new)
  4356/5356 Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas (new)
 tabled in Committee- no representative

CPS:  AUSP 8104 Research Project I
  8109 Grant Writing Internship
  8110 Teaching Internship
  8111 Supervision Internship
  8204 Research Project II
  8205 Grant Writing Pedagogy
  8206 Supervision Pedagogy
  8207 Teaching Pedagogy
  8300 Advanced Research Methods
  8301 Doctoral Seminar in Hearing
  8302 Doctoral Seminar in Speech
  8303 Doctoral Seminar in Language
  9199-9999    Dissertation

b. Report of Personnel Sub-Committee:
Byrne, Jamie M., PhD, Assoc Prof and Director of School of Mass Communication
Milanova, MarioFanna, PhD, Assoc Prof of Computer Science

Barone, Claudia, EdD, Clinical Asst Prof, College of Nursing, UAMS, to serve on dissertation committee for Tricia Satkowski, 3/02 to 3/05
Cates, Tommy A., DBA, Prof of Management, Univ of Tenn at Martin, to serve on dissertation committee for Tricia Satkowski, 3/02 to 3/05.
   All approved as requested.

c. Report of Program Review Sub-Committee:  Plopper says we should have 2 reviews for the next meeting.  PRC will meet again at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday 4-4).  Dean Hanson states we must report to Provost and he encouraged PRC and asked for more members for the committee-there are only 4 members.  We have three Council meetings left for this year.  Hanson asked the PRC to examine procedures of reviews.  Mention was made about the difficulty of getting faculty together.  Recken stated that a respectable number of reviews will be done.  Plopper suggested that reviews be done on a volunteer basis.

4. Other Business:  Question of format Curriculum Sub-Committee requires for submission of Curriculum Change Forms so that the form is not returned to the dept for clarification, etc.  Lindsay, who voiced the question, recommended a one-page instruction, etc.  The Curriculum Sub-Committee will check into this.  Sikes, chair of Curriculum Sub-Committee, will get with Cheatham to clarify needs for both councils.

5. Deanís Report: 1) Arkansas Graduate Deans Association will have their annual meeting at UAMS on April 25-26, 2002.  2) Graduate Student Research Forum will be on Friday a.m., April 12, 2002.  3) Arkansas Academy of Science will be meeting on campus on April 5-6, 2002.

Next meeting will be on April 10, 2002 with Curriculum Sub-Committee meeting on Monday, April 8 at 1 p.m.
(meetings left:  April 10, April 14 and May 1.  We hope to meet for lunch on May 1.)

Reminder: Deadline to submit items for this year is Monday April 15, 2002.