Graduate Council
Minutes of meeting on March 13, 2002
Members Present: Al-Shukri, Clowney, Dancy, Edison, Fletcher, Garnett, Hanson, James-Barnes, Lindsay, McAlpine, Minsker, Nahrwold (for Recken), Plopper, Sikes, Sims, Spillers, & Wayne

Members Absent: Recken, AHSS: Edwards, CBA; Strom, COE; Bevernitz, CPS; Darsey, CSAM
Ex-Officio: Sheen, Smith, Grad Sch
Others Present: Tom Guyette, Aud/Sp; Heidt, Biology

1. Approval of minutes, February 27, 2002  Approved

2. Old Business: none

3. New Business:
a. Report of Curriculum Sub-Committee:
 CPS: AUSP New Degree Program: PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders

 AHSS: RHET 4302/5302 Technical Reports (deletion)
    4305/5305 Document Design (new)
    4307/5307 Writing Software Documentation (new)
 Deletion was approved.  Others were tabled by Committee for additional information
 CSAM: BIOL Add a second track, Cell & Molecular Biology, to the existing MS in Biology

b. Report of Personnel Sub-Committee:
Bhattacharyya, Abhijit, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Applied Science

Smith, Rachel K., PhD, visiting Asst Prof., Marketing, teach & serve on committees, 8/01 to 8/04

Barr, Suzann W., MA, Instructor, Rhet & Writing, to serve on thesis committee of Pam Shireman.
Kuralt, Karen, ABD (May 02), Asst Prof, Rhet & Wrtg, to serve on committee of Dana Garrison, now until 8/15/02.
Monsen, Rita B., DSN, Nursing Education Consultant, to serve on dissertation committee of Vonna Cranston
c. Report of Program Review Sub-Committee: Criminal Justice program is being reviewed.

4. Other Business: none

5. Deanís Report: The GSTE (Graduate School Science & Technology Expo) went well.  We had approximately 20 students from UAPB and 10-12 from other schools, especially two-year colleges.  Faculty and students put in the effort to make it successful.  This can be done with other discipline areas.  Just let us know of your interest.

Reminder of deadline to receive items in the Graduate School for Council review is April 15.  Also, items for next meeting need to get to the Graduate School by Wednesday 3/20/02 so they can get to committee members before spring break.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Next  scheduled meeting is April 3, 2002.